Justin Bieber's rise from child star to pop icon has kept him in the spotlight for more than a decade. Growing up in the public eye is difficult, but the singer has opened up lately about his personal struggles and mental health in an effort to be transparent with his fans. Unfortunately, the tabloids have used Bieber's personal struggles as inspiration for fake stories. These are just a few of the wrong rumors about Bieber's mental health that Gossip Cop has had to debunk.

In February, Star published a cover story which falsely reported Bieber was put on suicide watch and had "lost the will to live" after he began receiving treatment for depression. The magazine asserted Bieber's "mood swings and fits of tears" were preventing his wife, Hailey Baldwin, from helping him "beat his demons." The piece even claimed Bieber's weight had dropped to 130 pounds, and he was breaking out in pimples "more than he ever did as a teenager."

In reality, the outlet was just desperate to capitalize on the news then about Bieber seeking help for depression. A source in Bieber's camp assured us no one in his inner circle was concerned about him harming himself, and the entire premise was "completely false." Additionally the singer had been spotted socializing and smiling in public at the time the article was published.

A few weeks later, In Touch wrongly reported Baldwin was on the verge of splitting from Bieber over his depression. "Hailey is absolutely miserable," an unnamed "tipster" told the outlet. "Her entire life has become consumed by Justin." The magazine based its piece on an Instagram post from Bieber, who asked fans to pray for him after he admitted to "struggling" and "feeling super disconnected and weird."

The tabloid completely missed the parts of Bieber's post where he reassured everyone he was doing fine and not to worry about him. Meanwhile, Baldwin's repeated social media posts gushing about her husband disproved the article's allegations about her growing tired of him.

Earlier this week, NW falsely maintained Bieber was put on suicide watch after posting a note on Instagram where he opened up about his past struggles, ranging from drug use to depression, and his rise to fame. The tabloid further contended Baldwin was having difficulty handling her husband's mental state.

Gossip Cop had busted similar claims about Baldwin and Bieber's relationship, but we had never covered the tabloid's next accusation. Bieber's note mentioned "doing heavy drugs at 19," which the outlet alleged were crack cocaine and crystal meth. The singer's past drug tests have never revealed either of those drugs in his system, and Bieber clearly isn't struggling with any addictions currently. Unfortunately, this was just another misrepresentation of a message posted by Bieber on social media.

Not longer afterwards, Heat insisted the singer's mental health struggles were taking a toll on his relationship, and that Baldwin was sick of "playing therapist" for Bieber. "Hailey's exhausted, and it feels like she's constantly managing Justin's mood swings," an anonymous insider told the magazine. "Of course, she wants him to get better," the purported source added, "but she currently feels more like his carer than his wife."

Once again, this was all untrue. Baldwin frequently posts about Bieber on social media, even referring to a recent outing as the "the most perfect day with my person." People magazine, a far more legitimate outlet, recently reported how supportive Baldwin is when it comes to Bieber's mental health. The publication also noted how Bieber was seeing therapists on both coasts, so it didn't make sense that Baldwin would be stuck feeling like one.

Bieber's time in the spotlight has been admittedly tumultuous at times. However, his openness and candor regarding his mental health are admirable. The gossip media, however, often frames his struggles into something they're not just to sell magazines. Gossip Cop will continue to call out these tabloids when they do so.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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