Justin Bieber NOT Behind ‘Meme People’ Twitter Account

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Justin Bieber Twitter Meme People

By Michael Lewittes |

Justin Bieber Twitter Meme People

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Justin Bieber has not set up a new, secret meme Twitter account with the handle @memeppl, despite widespread speculation. Gossip Cop can exclusively call out the impostor behind the account. We’re told Bieber is absolutely not behind the tweets.

The Twitter account, which began on Saturday, currently has around 3,300 followers and features memes with DJ Khaled and Kermit The Frog. But it also has tweets that seemingly are trying to deceive the public into believing it’s a personal account belonging to Bieber (see below). One tweet states, “like if u know who i am ;).” That’s followed by another that reads, “Thanks for following @justinbieber ;) you’re cool bro.” A third message notes, “my followers are cool.” One of the account’s last tweets simply says, “#biebemes.”

Certainly, a lot of fans have been duped into thinking Bieber’s behind the account. One fan tweeted, “GUYS @memeppl IS REAL IT’S JUSTIN @justinbieber FOLLOWS IT! ” Another wrote, “@memeppl Justin u r not funny lol.” “I love your memes @memeppl @justinbieber,” expressed a third fan.

A supporter of Bieber, who was under the impression @memeppl is the singer’s Twitter account, urged others, “Srsly f*ck off hating on Justin for making his @memeppl account. Leave the guy alone if that’s what he wants 2 do LET HIM. he IS real too.” And another fan warned, “@memeppl when your secret identity backfires bc your fans are stalkers so you come clean about it.”

But it is NOT Bieber’s account. It’s an impostor. Bieber’s rep exclusively assures Gossip Cop the singer has nothing to do with @memeppl or its tweets and memes.

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