Justin Bieber Masturbation Video Report Is Fake News

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Justin Bieber Masturbation Video

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber Masturbation Video

(Calvin Klein/Naughty Gossip)

A Justin Bieber masturbation video is not in danger of leaking, despite a fake news report. Gossip Cop can expose the naked truth.

“JUSTIN BIEBER MASTURBATING VIDEO EXISTS,” blares a headline on the widely-discredited Naughty Gossip. In the “exclusive” story (cough), it says, “Justin Bieber’s Instagram may be down, but his penis is certainly up. Even after deleting his account on the social media platform, it has been revealed that video exists of him MASTURBATING.”

So-called “sources” are quoted as saying, “They video is 100% real and it does exist. He is a young sexy guy in great shape with a huge penis. He isn’t concerned about this. If it gets leaked it get leaked. Justin does not pay attention to this stuff. He is busy focused on his music and fans.”

To make the article more salacious, the disreputable site illustrated its post with one of Bieber’s Calvin Klein ads (see above). The piece also mentions that last summer, “One of Bieber’s nudes surfaced on former fling Chantel Jeffries’ Instagram account. The picture, which was taken by Bieber himself and presumably sent to Jeffries, shows the 22-year-old masturbating with his right hand and sticking his tongue out for the camera.”

The repeatedly wrong outlet, however, fails to mention that said picture was actually a photoshopped manipulation (he’s clothed in the original snapshot on which it was based), and Jeffries’ Instagam page had been hacked. But Naughty Gossip clearly didn’t want those facts to stand in the way of its lewd story. In contrast, Gossip Cop deals with real news, not fake news, and an impeccable Bieber insider exclusively assures us this sordid masturbation video tale is completely made up.

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A video of Justin Bieber masturbating may leak.


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