Justin Bieber Make-A-Wish Meeting NOT Refused, Despite Report

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Justin Bieber Refused Make-A-Wish Meeting

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber Refused Make-A-Wish Meeting


Justin Bieber did NOT refuse a Make-A-Wish meeting with a terminally-ill girl, despite a report. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

On Wednesday, New Hampshire news station NH1 alleged cancer-stricken 9-year-old Karlee Drew was denied her “wish” to meet Bieber. The outlet claimed the little girl and her family were told Bieber was no longer granting wishes, despite being one of the organization’s most giving celebrity partners. NH1 even took to Facebook to ask people to help “convince” Bieber to “reconsider” his decision.

Unsurprisingly, the comments section quickly became filled with remarks about what a self-centered jerk Bieber seems to be. But that version of events was not accurate. The singer never rejected a request to meet. In fact, he wasn’t even aware of it.

But when he was told before his Boston concert on Tuesday afternoon, he quickly agreed. A Drew family friend even notes in a public Facebook post, “I want everyone to know the purpose of putting Karlee’s wish online was never to shame Justin Bieber. He honestly didn’t even know anything about the request. He already had a Make A Wish visit scheduled in Boston and from what we’ve heard he does one in every city. As soon as he ‘heard about Karlee’s request’ he said YES. Make a Wish did say that this is the fastest they have ever been able to grant a wish.”

Make-A-Wish also said in its own statement yesterday, “Justin is a long-standing, committed and generous wish granter. His support for the Make-A-Wish mission remains strong as he continues to grant wishes. Justin’s dedication is evidenced by the fact that he has granted a wish in almost every city during his current tour. He will grant two more wishes tonight in Boston, including Karlee’s wish.”

The happy ending entailed Drew getting taken to Bieber’s concert in a limo with a police escort, and then spending time with him backstage (see photo above). The singer has done many similar meetings in the past, and while he may be objecting to personal photos when he’s out in public right now, Gossip Cop is told these private gatherings will not stop.


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