Justin Bieber And Madonna Answer Sex Questions On Ellen DeGeneres (VIDEO)

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Madonna Justin Bieber Ellen Video

By Shari Weiss |

Madonna Justin Bieber Ellen Video


Justin Bieber and Madonna played a hysterical game of “Never Have I Ever” on Wednesday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” that had them dishing all about their sex lives. Watch below!

Madonna was once again a guest on the talk show for “Madonna Week,” and DeGeneres brought out Bieber as a surprise to make the game more fun. Before they got down to business, the Queen of Pop dissed Bieber’s attire, and then DeGeneres tried to set them up as a couple. Madonna had explained on Tuesday’s episode that the youngest she’s dated is 22, and Bieber, of course, just turned 21. “We can sit here for a year,” joked Madonna, who after seeing one of Bieber’s Men’s Health photos, quipped, “That looks 22.”

Handed paddles for “Never Have I Ever,” Madonna wondered, “Can we spank each other with it?” There was no spanking, but things still got pretty dirty. DeGeneres’ first question was whether they ever had phone sex, to which she and Madge both admitted that they had. Seeing Bieber hold up that he hadn’t, Madonna exclaimed, “You liar!” DeGeneres also gave Bieber grief when he denied ever getting kicked out of a bar, with the singer repeatedly reminding her, “I just turned 21!”

All three copped to fooling around in a bathroom at a party, as well as to dating someone AND their sibling. After both Bieber and Madonna admitted to hooking up with someone else in the room and forgetting the name of the person with whom they were fooling around, DeGeneres declared, “You two are perfect for each other!” Indeed, Madonna said she was “getting to know my new boyfriend,” and had a hilarious reaction when she realized all the questions were sexual. But which of the stars confessed to having sex with two different people in the same day? Watch the videos to find out!


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