A new story about how Justin Bieber was "loving every minute" of making out with Selena Gomez at a hockey game is made-up. While it's true he enjoyed kissing her, the article itself is a fabrication. Once again, Gossip Cop has been assured that no one in either of their camps is feeding personal stories to websites about their rekindled romance.

Let Gossip Cop explain what's going on. After photos emerged of Bieber kissing Gomez while playing hockey on Wednesday night in Los Angeles, the serial fabricators at HollywoodLife began concocting a series of articles. For this particular tall tale, the repeatedly discredited site claims it has learned "what really went down at the ice rink that night." And to bolster its made-up story, the outlet maintains it has a so-called "source" who shared how Bieber was "loving every minute" of kissing Gomez.

But before we get to the site's almost assuredly fabricated quotes, it should be noted that HollywoodLies, as it's nicknamed, spent far more time working on its fan-fiction than it's fact-checking. Even though the often disproven outlet alleges to know "what really went down at the ice rink that night," it doesn't mention or appear to know where the ice rink is. It's actually the Los Angeles Valley Ice Center in Ventura, California.

Basically, HollywoodLies saw the same photos of Bieber and Gomez kissing at the hockey rink that everyone else did, and used it as a springboard for its phony "exclusive" about how Bieber was "loving every minute of it." Obviously, he was loving it, otherwise he wouldn't have been making out with Gomez. And to lend credence to its manufactured tale, the site throws in an unnamed (and highly suspect) "source." That supposed eyewitness is then quoted as saying that Bieber was "trying to make all the plays" and during breaks from the action on the ice, he and Gomez kissed and he was "loving every minute of it." The same questionable "source" adds that they "didn't hide" their affection for one another and even "enjoyed showing off their relationship to anyone who wanted to watch."

But nothing the purported source asserted couldn't have been said by someone looking at the photos online 10,000 miles away from Los Angeles. Yes, Bieber tried to "make all the plays," much like he does every time he's on the ice. If he hadn't been interested in playing, he wouldn't have suited up for his weekly hockey game. And clearly, Bieber and Gomez "didn't hide" their affection," otherwise there wouldn't have been so many pictures of them kissing at the rink.

As Gossip Cop has noted before, HollywoodLife often makes up stories about Bieber and Gomez. For instance, only three days ago the untrustworthy site concocted a bogus tale about how Gomez and Bieber haven't made their relationship Instagram official because "they're extremely protective of what they've got." Yet now, HollywoodLies suddenly claims the couple didn't mind all the photos of them kissing because they "enjoyed showing off their relationship to anyone who wanted to watch." Among the outlet's many problems is that it churns out so many fabricated articles in quick succession that it ends up constantly contradicting itself.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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