Justin Bieber Celebrates Lewis Hamilton Monaco Grand Prix Win (VIDEO)

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Justin Bieber Lewis Hamilton

By Michael Lewittes |

Justin Bieber Lewis Hamilton

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Lewis Hamilton celebrated his Monaco Grand Pix win with Justin Bieber seconds after the race ended on Sunday. Hamilton hadn’t even removed his helmet when he shook hands and hugged Bieber, who offered his congratulations. But that wasn’t the end of the celebrating. See the video below.

Moments after winning the Formula 1 race, Hamilton headed straight to Bieber, who was in Monte Carlo for the race. A beaming Bieber could be heard telling the champion driver, “Congratulations, dog! You crushed that.” Later, Hamilton went over to his racing team to celebrate. But then again he hung out with Bieber before being awarded his trophy from Prince Albert of Monaco.

Following the award presentation, Lewis was given a massive bottle of champagne, and after taking a gulp of it, he gave the next victory swig to Bieber. After that, Lewis shook up the giant champagne bottle and sprayed his team with it.

Bieber later took to Twitter to more publicly express his excitement for Hamilton. “Congrats to my brother @LewisHamilton on an amazing victory,” he wrote. The lovefest continued with the race car driver retweeting the singer. Check out the video below of Justin Bieber celebrating Lewis Hamilton’s Monaco Grand Prix win with congratulatory words, hugs and champagne.


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