Justin Bieber: I Didn’t Go To Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Because Selena Gomez Was Performing

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Justin Bieber kyle jackie o november 2015

By Michael Lewittes |

Justin Bieber kyle jackie o november 2015

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Justin Bieber talked about Selena Gomez, being insecure, his favorite song on the new album Purpose and, of course, his penis pictures in a new interview with “The Kyle and Jackie O” radio show in Australia, where it’s already Friday and the record is on sale.

When asked why he missed the Victoria’s Secret Show this year, Bieber said it was because “Selena [Gomez] was doing it this year.” He also answered questions about the invasive photos taken in Bora Bora, noting that he now laughs it off, and that it was a “good thing they caught me on a good day.”

During the interview, we also learn Bieber loves Adele’s new song “Hello,” and that he does Sudoku every morning to stimulate his brain. One thing, however, he doesn’t enjoy is doing interviews with foreign language outlets. He said they’re the “hardest things ever. You have to concentrate hard on the answer.”

The conversation then jumped to Australian actress Ruby Rose, who many refer to as a Justin Bieber-lookalike. Even the singer acknowledged, “I see it a little bit,” adding, “She’s adorable and a really good person.”

Back to the album, Bieber was asked what his favorite song is on Purpose. He said he liked “Mark My Words” and “Life Is Worth Living” because of the latter’s positive message and how it relates to the “trials and tribulations” he’s experienced. “It’s real, dude,” said Bieber.

When questioned about how he’s grown, Bieber felt, “I feel more confident, like more people are on my side.” “It all changed when I stopped being in the news for the wrong reasons, and people could see I was about the music,” Bieber explained. That said, the singer expressed that having “insecurities are fine, as long as you know how to handle them.”

One of the things that still make him insecure are interviews because he’s often asked about so many things that are off-topic and random. On the flip side, said Bieber, he feels his best when performing. “I love the stage. Every time I get on the stage, I feel awesome!”

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