Justin Bieber Surprises Sick Teenaged Fan And Boy With Down Syndrome On “Knock Knock Live” (VIDEO)

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Justin Bieber Knock Knock Live

By Andrew Shuster |

Justin Bieber Knock Knock Live


Justin Bieber brightened the lives of two fans by surprising them with visits and gifts of cash on Tuesday’s “Knock Knock Live.” He first stopped by the home of a teenaged fan named Ashley, who battled meningitis and had missed several events she had been looking forward to. The second surprise with a little boy with Down Syndrome named Noah. See videos of Justin Bieber’s “Knock Knock Live” surprise visits below.

The singer first stopped by the home of Ashley, a girl who missed her Quinceanera the year before before she was stricken with meningitis. Ashley, who’s a huge Bieber fan, listened over and over to his song “Pray” as she recuperated. To say Ashley was in shock when Bieber knocked on her door would be an understatement.

Bieber talked to Ashley for a bit in her home, where he gave her a number of gowns to choose from for their surprise night out. Once dressed, Ashley and Bieber hopped into an SUV to a destination unknown to her. When they arrived, Ashley was surprised with a Quinceanera, attended by all her friends and family. Bieber explained that he wanted to throw her the party because she “missed a lot of events.” Ashley and Bieber even danced to “Pray.”

The teen told later her idol, “Oh my God, Justin, you’re the best.” But that wasn’t all. “Knock Knock Live” gave her mom $10,000 to help pay for Ashley’s mountain of medical bills.

Bieber then paid a second visit to a church, where he surprised an inspirational hip hop artist named Nakia, who’s a single father of a boy with Down Syndrome named Noah. Nakia and his little boy then rapped for Bieber, who later said it “almost bought tears” to his eyes. The singing star then told Nakia that he was inspired by him and his son, and that he heard they “weren’t doing so well,” which is why he gave them a $50,000 gift. Bieber even showed little Noah how to play the drums.

Check out the videos below of Justin Bieber’s “Knock Knock Live” visits, and tell us what you think.


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