Justin Bieber Licks Knife For Racy “Interview” Photo Shoot, Tells Martha Stewart He’s Single — SEE PICS HERE!

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Justin Bieber Interview Magazine Photos

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber Interview Magazine Photos

(Steven Klein/Interview)

Justin Bieber licks a knife, wears a scary clown mask, and grabs his crotch in a racy new photo shoot for Interview. Bieber covers the new issue, for which he gave a candid interview to none other than Martha Stewart. Check out some of the photos, which the magazine shared on social media, below!

The association isn’t all that surprising, considering Stewart was one of the celebrities who roasted Bieber earlier this year. Their chat was conducted in the wake of the event, and the two stars discuss everything from his upbringing to hanging with Anna Wintour at May’s Met Gala. Bieber even reveals he finished high school (long distance) with a 4.0 GPA.

The superstar confirms what Gossip Cop has repeatedly reported: He’s single. Asked about his current “love,” Bieber says, “My love today is my little brother. He’s staying with me for the next week. So he’s my love right now.” Stewart seems surprised that he’s unattached, with Bieber saying, “No girlfriend at the moment, no. I’m single.”

Stewart tells him, “Okay, well, after this interview, every girl in America will want you — I think they do already. I think you have too many girlfriends to choose from.” And Bieber actually replies, “I think so, too. I’m a pretty lucky guy.”

Bieber cops to making breakfast “when I have a girl” staying over, and, when asked whether his upcoming album will be “romantic,” he says it’s “just very personal.” “People will be able to really get in to where my heart is. It’s about my journey in life — stuff that I’ve been through. Maybe I can teach a lesson, certain things that are inspiring,” says Bieber.

Interview shared photos from Bieber’s shoot with photographer Steven Klein on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Some of the shots showcase the star’s bare torso and, um, trail, a few reveal he recently underwent cupping, and still more have a bondage feel. See some of the pics below, and tell us what you think!



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