Justin Bieber Fan Tries Kiss On Lips During Surprise Meet And Greet (VIDEO)

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Justin Bieber Kiss Fan

By Andrew Shuster |

Justin Bieber Kiss Fan


Justin Bieber surprised some fans at the iHeartRadio studios in New York, where he met his admirers and answered their questions. One teenage girl was so excited to meet her idol, she tried to kiss him on the lips. Watch the video below!

Bieber was at iHeartRadio to debut his new single “What Do You Mean?” when the station surprised several girls by bringing them backstage to meet the singer. The fans were then allowed to ask him any questions they wanted. “Where’s your favorite place to go to on tour?” one girl wanted to know. “Tulsa, Oklahoma,” replied Bieber, to which she said, “That’s so random.”

Another girl wanted to know why Bieber often wears a Detroit Red Wings hat. Bieber explained that it wasn’t necessarily because he’s a fan of the Red Wings, saying, “Honestly, it’s not about the team. It’s about how the hat fits your head. And certain hats fit me and certain hats don’t.”

After professing her love for the singer, another fan asked, “Are you happy at this moment in your life right now?” to which Bieber emphatically answered, “Yes.” One fan was curious about what his “favorite part about performing” was. Bieber revealed, “Right before I go on, there’s this huge rush that I feel of excitement and nervousness. It’s pretty awesome.” An additional tidbit learned about the pop star during his impromptu Q&A was that his favorite ice cream is “cotton candy.”

Finally, an overzealous girl could hardly contain herself while in the presence of her idol. First, she wanted to know how many tattoos the singer had, but Bieber said there were “too many to count,” and considered them to be one large interconnected tattoo. She then asked, “Can I feel it?” and proceeded to rub his arm even though one can’t actually feel a tattoo. Bieber pointed this out, telling her, “It just feels like skin,” to which she replied, “I know. Feel my skin,” and then proceeded to rub her own arm on his.

The young lady then got more physical from there when she hugged Bieber while posing for a photo, and attempted to plant a kiss directly on his lips. The amused singer asked, “Are you trying to kiss me?” and allowed her to plant a smooch on his cheek instead. Watch the funny video below!


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