WATCH: Justin Bieber Surprises Teen Who Survived Home Explosion (VIDEO)

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Justin Bieber The Doctors Video

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber The Doctors Video

(The Doctors)

Justin Bieber surprised a teenage burn victim named Kilee Brookbank on Thursday’s episode of “The Doctors.” Watch below!

The 16-year-old from Ohio miraculously survived a massive fire two months ago when, after smelling a strange odor, she lit a candle and her home exploded. Kilee was taken by helicopter to a hospital, where it was determined she suffered burns on 45 percent of her body, 20 percent of which were third degree. Her recovery has been deemed “incredible,” particularly since her burns were “potentially deadly.” But while her singed hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes have since grown back, Kilee still needs several skin graft surgeries, and her injuries will require constant care for the rest of her life.

After celebrating Kilee’s progress thus far, the show played a special video message from Bieber that left the teen all smiles. She had no idea, though, that the superstar was also at the studio. Bieber crept on stage holding a bouquet of flowers, and surprised Kilee from behind. “Oh my god,” she exclaimed when the singer threw his arms around her.

“First of all,” he told Kilee, “I just want to say how proud I am of you.” He went on, “I think the message I want to get out there is that you inspire us so much. I think you inspire everybody in this audience, everybody across the world. You inspire me. And I just wanted to come here. I couldn’t just do a video. I had to actually come see you.” Check out the emotional videos below!


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