Justin Bieber Sings “Waiting For Tonight” At Jennifer Lopez Show In Las Vegas – WATCH VIDEO

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Justin Bieber Jennifer Lopez

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Justin Bieber Jennifer Lopez

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Justin Bieber sang at the opening night of Jennifer Lopez’s “All I Have” show at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas on Wednesday, although not on the stage. Bieber humorously belted out her song “Waiting For Tonight” with his manager Scooter Braun while sitting in the audience. Watch the video below.

In a video posted by Braun on Instagram, the two sang an off-key version of the chorus to “Waiting For Tonight.” The video then pans to Braun’s wife, Yael, who laughs as she says, “I don’t know them.” But that’s not the only somewhat embarrassing video of Bieber at Lopez’s show. While making his way out of concert afterwards, Bieber tripped and nearly fell to the ground.

In YouTube video (below), while being escorted out with security, Bieber fell over a piece of luggage that he didn’t see in his way. The singer fortunately grabbed on to a railing to steady himself, then picked the bag up from the ground, and placed it on a higher surface before exiting.

On safer ground, Bieber also posed for photos with Rebel Wilson and Kelly Osbourne, who were at Lopez’s opening night as well. Wilson captioned one of the pictures on Instagram, “Successful mission #HowToBeSingle.” In another image, Wilson displayed a hand-written note she and Osbourne composed to Bieber that read, “We think you should take our sexy hot asses out after the show (nothing weird).” She added, “This is HOW to pick up Bieber at the J Lo concert with @kellyosbourne X.”

See the videos below of Justin Bieber and Scooter Braun singing “Waiting For Tonight,” the young singer tripping over luggage, and him posing for selfies with Rebel Wilson and Kelly Osbourne.

“I don’t know them.” Lol @justinbieber @yael @jlo #vegas

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