Justin Bieber: Don’t Make Fun Of My Hair, I’m “Insecure” About It (PHOTOS)

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Justin Bieber Growing Out Hair Photos

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber Growing Out Hair Photos


Justin Bieber is quite confident when it comes to his body, as his recent Calvin Klein ads show. But his hair? Well, right now that’s a sore subject. On Saturday, the singer took to Instagram to hit back at “fools” making negative comments.

“For all u fools saying cut my hair it’s in an awkward stage I’m sorry lol,” wrote Bieber. “But I’m growing it out and there’s gonna a be a period of time where it looks dumb lol a hat only does so much.” He added, “#insecure lol.” The post, naturally, sparked even more mean comments, but also some loving ones. At least one Belieber requested he return to the swoosh hairstyle he famously had as his career started to explode.

It was a rare admission of weakness for Bieber, who is normally all about showing swagger. That was certainly on display in his Calvin Klein campaign, in which he appears in his underwear in some shots, and shirtless with jeans in others. A proud Bieber shared all the photos on social media, but as Gossip Cop reported, they sparked a bit of controversy as some questioned whether they were digitally altered.

But when one site went as far as posting what it claimed was an authentic unretouched photo showing Bieber with smaller muscles and a smaller penis bulge, his camp deemed it a fake and demanded the outlet take it down. But there’s one thing Bieber won’t ague about. His hair is pretty weird right now. Check out the photos below, and tell us what you think.



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