Justin Bieber Helps Old Lady Lying In Street

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Justin Bieber Helps Old Lady

By Michael Lewittes |

Justin Bieber Helps Old Lady

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Justin Bieber helped an old lady who was injured and lying on a street in Los Angeles on Wednesday night. Bieber and his friends drove past the woman, who was shouting in pain, as the left the hotspot The Nice Guy. They then came to a stop at LaBrea and Santa Monica Boulevard, where the superstar singer helped the woman off the ground, and held her up as he safely walked her to a street curb and had her sit down.

Bieber tried to calm the woman down, as his pals called the police for help. It’s unclear whether the woman fell on the ground or had been clipped in a hit-and-run. Some paparazzi, who naturally were trailing Bieber from The Nice Guy to his next stop at the hip lounge Warwick, say a black SUV hit the old woman. The lady, however, refused medical assistance when an ambulance arrived to help her.

Bieber joins other stars who have come to the rescue of ordinary individuals this past month. As Gossip Cop reported, a little more than a week ago, Jamie Foxx sprung into action when a car skid off a road and turned upside down right outside his Hidden Valley home. Foxx, as we noted, called 911 and helped pull the driver to safety out of the vehicle, which was already on fire.


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