Justin Bieber: “HollywoodLife Is Garbage”

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Justin Bieber HollywoodLife Garbage

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber HollywoodLife Garbage

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Justin Bieber is not backing down from his war against HollywoodLife. On Wednesday night, he again encouraged fans to try to take the site down. Check out the photo below!

The superstar posted an Instagram image reading, “Tweet #hollywoodlifeisgarbage.” He added in the caption, “#hollywoodlifeisgarbage #repost #spam #givethematasteoftheirownmedicine.” Within minutes, fans were using the hashtag and writing comments about why they support Bieber’s plight against the bad blog.

As Gossip Cop reported, Bieber first called the site out early Wednesday morning, with an Instagram message stating, “The website HollywoodLife is untruthful and hurtful let’s spam them and petition to shut them down! GO!!” He further told Beliebers, “Let’s spam and petition to shut this garbage website down.” The singer has since re-shared that original post, just before uploading his new one.

Bieber’s posts came after the webloid published multiple so-called “exclusives” about him on Tuesday relating to Selena Gomez and Nicola Peltz. Several of those stories have since been pulled down. Disturbingly, though, posting unverified reports about Bieber and other celebrities is common practice for HollywoodLife, which is why the outlet has earned the nickname HollywoodLies.

Gossip Cop has routinely exposed the site for its seemingly fabricated stories, misleading articles, and clickbait tendencies. And while other stars have also ripped HollywoodLife for its behavior, we’re glad to see a celebrity of Bieber’s caliber now taking a stand, too. He already has Paris Jackson in his corner, as she re-posted the original anti-HollywoodLife message on her own Instagram Wednesday night. Check out Bieber’s new Instagram post below, which has led “#hollywoodlifeisgarbage” to become a trending topic on Twitter.

Justin Bieber HollywoodLife Garbage Instagram


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