Happy 2nd Anniversary Of Justin Bieber Calling HollywoodLife “Garbage” And “Untruthful”

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Justin Bieber HollywoodLife Anniversary

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Justin Bieber HollywoodLife Anniversary

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Friday marks two years since Justin Bieber blasted HollywoodLife as “untruthful” and called for the website to be shut down. The superstar, fed up with the blog’s inaccurate, made-up reports about him, publicly spoke out on Instagram. Gossip Cop is taking a look back at Bieber’s pointed messages because they still apply today.

Early on June 15, 2016, Bieber posted a typed message on Instagram that read: “The website HollywoodLife is untruthful and hurtful let’s spam them and petition to shut them down! GO!!” He also wrote in the caption, “Let’s spam and petition to shut this garbage website down.” The post racked up more than a half million “likes,” with many fans commenting, “#shutdownhollywoodlife.”

That night, Bieber put up another post with a new message that stated: “Tweet #hollywoodlifeisgarbage.” He wrote in the caption, “#hollywoodlifeisgarbage #repost #spam #givethematasteoftheirownmedicine.” Fans obliged, and began using the hashtag both on Instagram and Twitter, where “#hollywoodlifeisgarbage” became a trending topic. Roughly two months later, Bieber deactivated his Instagram account for unrelated reasons, which caused the posts to be deleted, but you can still see screenshots of them below.

At the time, his postings came after HollywoodLife peddled multiple stories about Bieber, Selena Gomez and Nicola Peltz that were seemingly fabricated. The superstar’s decision to slam the website led it to pull down some of its fake reports. And for a while after, the outlet stopped pretending it had “exclusives” about him. Unfortunately, that moratorium didn’t last.

Within a few months, the online publication was back to touting that it had “exclusive details” about Bieber and his love life. But its credibility was worse than ever. In the wake of Bieber telling the world that HollywoodLife is “garbage,” what “source close to Justin,” as the site often purports to have, would really leak personal information about him to that blog? Given his clear hatred of the website, it wasn’t believable that anyone legitimately in Bieber’s inner circle would offer it up dish.

But it’s obvious to this day that its reports about Bieber are still bogus. In fact, in December, Gossip Cop clearly illustrated how the site’s “exclusives” on Bieber and Gomez were fake after HollywoodLies, as it is nicknamed, published several phony tales about how they’d spend the holidays. In February, we explained how its stories about Bieber being ready to propose and marry Gomez were fake news. And in March, we pointed out conflicting posts on whether Bieber was giving Gomez “space” or meeting with her “in secret.” More recently, HollywoodLife was caught lying about Gomez, Bieber and the Met Gala, and about their breakup. These are just a tiny sampling of the fabrications from the last six month alone.

We’d be remiss not to mention that Gomez has ripped the blog, too, calling it “the worst” and “never true.” Other stars who have called out the website include Kylie Jenner, Niall Horan and Nikki Reed. HollywoodLife was also Gossip Cop’s worst offender of 2017, as we corrected or busted the outlet a whopping 643 times in 12 months, significantly more than any other publication. Two years after Bieber’s public declarations about the site being “untruthful and hurtful,” its ways have not changed when it comes to him or any other star. That’s why Gossip Cop continues to hold the blog accountable for its fiction, and we hope more celebrities do, too. Happy Anniversary, HollywoodLies!

Justin Bieber HollywoodLife Instagram


Justin Bieber HollywoodLife Garbage Instagram



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