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It's no secret that Justin Bieber has been experiencing problems with his health. Various outlets in the past have commented on the "Yummy" singer's looks and speculated on his condition. Since they didn't have the facts, all they could do was spread rumors, which Gossip Cop was more than happy to bust.

Bieber recently revealed that he's been diagnosed with Lyme disease and has chronic mononucleosis, which has caused much of his health issues. The disease can cause rashes and other flu-like symptoms, which is a large part of why Bieber occasionally appeared somewhat haggard in recent months. Bieber said he was optimistic about the future regardless, which helps explain the amount of energy the singer's been able to put in to promoting his new album and music.

Justin Bieber's Unjust Health Rumors

Some outlets credited these symptoms of ill health to drug use. Last March, NW reported that Bieber was being forced into rehab by his wife, Hailey Baldwin. The publication claimed the pop star's marriage to his model wife was "hanging by a thread as he reportedly heads back to rehab." The outlet must have been confused, as Bieber had never been to rehab before. There's no way he could head "back" to rehab. Besides, the title of the article stated outright that Bieber was being "forced" back to rehab, but from the way the outlet phrased its story, it seems as if he's going voluntarily. The story just didn't add up, so Gossip Cop had no trouble debunking it.

In September 2019, Woman's Day published a story claiming that Bieber was on the edge of a "full-blown collapse." Their evidence? A paparazzi photo of the "What Do You Mean?" singer leaving a Los Angeles medical clinic with an IV in his arm. Back when the story first hit the newsstands, Gossip Cop pointed out that there were several reasons for the IV. A new trend among celebrities is a vitamin IV drip, which supposedly works as a hangover cure, anxiety aid and energy booster. No one had access to those private medical records, however, so no one can say for sure what was in that IV drip.

Acne Attacks Abound

Bieber recently also revealed that the pimples he broke out in last year were a side effect from medication he was on to treat his Lyme disease. Once he switched to a different medication that worked better for him, his acne cleared up. Some tabloids, who had no way of knowing what was actually going on with the pop star, alleged that there was a different cause for Bieber's blemishes. The National Enquirer reported that Bieber's acne flare-up was caused by the stress of his engagement to Baldwin. Gossip Cop easily disproved this rumor. Bieber had suffered from breakouts long before his engagement to Baldwin, as is common in most young adults, so there's no way to prove it was the engagement that specifically caused this rash of acne.

That same publication took the pimple issue a step further and claimed that Baldwin banished Bieber from their bed because of his acne. Gossip Cop could tell this story was false right away. Just a week before this piece was published, Baldwin posted a photo of her and Bieber sharing an intimate kiss during their Japan trip. We reached out to a reputable source close to Bieber who was unable to speak on the record but confirmed our hunch that this story was total nonsense. These outlets couldn't wait to pounce on false rumors, so we'll see how they handle this new information Bieber released.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is accurate to the best of our ability.


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