Justin Bieber Does NOT Hang Upside Down To Get Taller, Despite Claim

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Justin Bieber Tall

By Michael Lewittes |

Justin Bieber Tall

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Justin Bieber does not hang upside down in an effort to get taller, despite a new report from a tabloid with a history of stretching the truth. Gossip Cop can exclusively cut down to size this tall tale. Bieber’s rep tells us it’s a big lie.

According to an absurdly fake-sounding source for the National Enquirer, “Justin’s 21, but desperately hopes he’s still a growing boy — so to upsize, he disappears into his dressing room at least twice a day and hangs upside down!” The tabloid’s phony insider say that, although online it’s reported that Bieber is 5’9″, he’s really about 5’6″ and “still believes he can stretch to big-boy height, so his assistant helps him monkey-hang from a bar.”

The magazine goes on to mention how Bieber supposedly also does “leg-stretch exercises to lengthen his legs,” but the story is simply untrue. Of course, the Enquirer has been busted repeatedly by Gossip Cop for publishing fabricated stories about Bieber. In the past, Gossip Cop has corrected the tabloid for such claims as Bieber wanting to bottle his own sweat to sell as a fragrance, and that he was going to flee America back to his native Canada.

Much like past claims about Bieber, the new claim about him hanging upside down to add more inches to his height is also false. As noted before, Bieber’s own rep tells Gossip Cop the Enquirer’s claim is not true.


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