Justin Bieber Taking Dancing Lessons Before Wedding To Hailey Baldwin?

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By Griffin Matis |


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A Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin fan account mistakenly claimed that the pop star was getting dance lessons in anticipation of their upcoming wedding. Gossip Cop can help clear up the situation. The model herself confirms that her husband wasn’t taking dance lessons for their nuptials.

An Instagram fan account dedicated to Bieber and Baldwin’s relationship posted a photo of Bieber at 3rd Street Dance in Los Angeles. The account included a caption on the image, saying that the singer was walking into “this dance studio that [specializes] especially in ballroom dancing and apparently he went there for wedding dance lessons.” According to the dance studio’s website, however, it actually specializes in a variety of dancing styles, but the fan account most likely saw the poster advertising ballroom dancing on the side of the building and assumed that’s what Bieber went there for.

Bieber and Baldwin are technically already married, having received a marriage license last September, but they’ve yet to have a formal religious ceremony or big party. Both Bieber and Baldwin have publicly confirmed that they are indeed legally married, and Baldwin is technically Hailey Bieber now. Fans and the tabloids have speculated that the two will have an elaborate, more publicly visible ceremony in the future, although no plans have been confirmed by either one of them.

The ballroom speculation came crashing down, however, when Baldwin herself commented on the post. “Not what it’s for.” This most likely means Bieber was simply using the studio space to practice for a music video or future performance. After all, we don’t think someone who rose to fame partially due to their dancing skills would need dancing lessons for their wedding.

To the fan account’s credit, they recognized their error after Baldwin corrected them. They amended the caption to include Baldwin’s denial, which is far more than we can say for any tabloid, which have done a far worse jobs handling their Bieber-Baldwin mistakes.

Just two months after their courthouse marriage, Life & Style falsely claimed Bieber and Baldwin were “headed back before a judge, this time to get a divorce.” The tabloid quoted a questionable source who stated plainly, “Both realize they might have made a huge mistake,” and that the two “should’ve waited until they were older.” Gossip Cop busted the story and time has shown our reporting to be accurate.

The tabloids weren’t done predicting a split though. Two months later, the Mirror reported that Baldwin called divorce lawyers months after marrying Bieber supposedly because he “keeps going AWOL on her and saying he needs space,” and she “doesn’t understand why they can’t just enjoy their life together.” Once again, Gossip Cop debunked this completely fabricated story. Even Baldwin herself finally took to social media and posted “don’t believe what ya read on the internet folks.” Unless, of course, you read it here at Gossip Cop.


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