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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are on the outs after she found out he had a fling with Tiffany Trump, the youngest daughter of Donald Trump? That's the outrageous claim in a tabloid this week. Gossip Cop found it totally untrue.

According to NW, Bieber is "back in the doghouse" after Baldwin "stormed out" upon hearing that he hooked up with Tiffany in 2015. "It was just too much," an unnamed source tells the outlet. "She found out from one of her old girlfriends who also knows Tiffany. Hailey's world has been turned upside down. She confronted Justin about it and while he insists they never slept together, it was still enough to make her walk out of there."

The tabloid notes that Baldwin was already accepting of most of Bieber's past, but for some reason, the Tiffany situation is different. "Not only did Justin fail to tell her about it, but a tiny part of Hailey thinks he's still got a thing for Tiff — he's always wanting to attend her parties," the alleged insider adds. "Everyone knows associating with a Trump in Hollywood is career suicide, so Hailey didn't understand why Justin would insist they go to Tiffany's Fourth of July party last year. Now she knows the reason!"

According to a "long-time friend of Tiffany" who remains nameless throughout the piece, Bieber's short fling with the president's daughter ended shortly after it began on her father's orders. "That was devastating for Tiffany because she'd had a massive crush on Justin since she was 13," the insider continues. "She's like the one who got away for Justin." The tipster doesn't explain what exactly the correlation is between Tiffany's childhood crush and Bieber's feelings about "the one who got away" before moving on to claims about Baldwin.

Noting that she "lives in a world of paranoia," the tipster says Baldwin has always been anxious about Bieber's loyalty. "Hailey was one of many girls he dated when they first hooked up and she's had to climb over countless beauties to win his heart," the questionable source adds. "She's convinced he cheated on her with a groupie during their engagement too — but Tiffany Trump? That's some serious competition right there."

None of this is remotely true. First off, Bieber and Baldwin didn't attend "Tiffany's Fourth of July party" last year. In fact, no one did since Trump's daughter didn't throw such an event. According to the occasionally correct Page Six, Bieber, Baldwin and Tiffany all attended a Fourth of July party at the Bridgehampton estate of David Rosenberg and Tinamarie Clark, a socialite couple known for hosting big bashes.

Tiffany reportedly went with a variety of friends, while the singer and the model attended together. There are no reports of the couple ever interacting with Tiffany. Despite the tabloid's insistence that Bieber can't get enough of her, there's no actual connection — past of present — between the president's daughter and the pop star. The tabloid even uses a digitally edited photo to make it seem like Bieber and Tiffany were photographed together, but Gossip Cop could find no such photo. There's no evidence the two have ever crossed paths.

Second, Bieber's not in the "doghouse" or on the outs with his wife. Bieber just had dinner with Baldwin and her family last week, where all seemed to be perfectly normal. That being said, this latest claim comes as no surprise given NW's track record with the pop star.

Gossip Cop busted the tabloid just last week for a made-up and equally bizarre story about Bieber wanting to freeze both he and Baldwin's bodies after they die. In August, the outlet also claimed Baldwin was refusing to marry Bieber because of his pimples. The publication doesn't even know what's happening in Bieber's current relationship, so there's no reason to believe its claims about what went on in his past.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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