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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's marriage is almost always in danger of collapsing, if the tabloids are to be believed. Rumors of their divorce have filled the tabloids over the years. Gossip Cop has busted these stories so many times, we were able to compile all the most outlandish stories together to reexamine whether we made the right call.

The Bogus Tabloid Stories Started Right Away

Just two months after Bieber and Baldwin's courthouse wedding, Life & Style reported the newlyweds were already headed for divorce. According to a source who spoke to the outlet, Bieber and Baldwin both realize they might have made a huge mistake." The tipster added, "They should've waited until they were older." thus the two were "headed back before a judge, this time to get a divorce," insisted the suspicious source.

Gossip Cop didn't rely on an anonymous source to bust this story. Instead, we turned to the couple's Instagrams, where they openly lavished love on each other. Bieber in particular doted on his wife, with captions like, "My wife is awesome." He also commented on photos that Baldwin shared, writing "u turn me on," in response to a photoshoot the model did. That sounds like a man very much in love to us, which is what ultimately earned this story its bogus rating.

Did Justin Bieber Really Meet Up With Selena Gomez?

In February 2019, OK! claimed the couple were divorcing after only 139 days due to Bieber being "caught" secretly meeting his ex Selena Gomez. Baldwin was the one who decided to "pull the plug on her marriage to Justin" after discovering he'd "gone crawling back" to Gomez. A supposed source told the outlet Bieber secretly met up with his former on-again, off-again girlfriend at a "mutual friend's house" where he told Gomez he'd "always love her... He also admitted it's not working with Hailey and that the marriage was a big mistake." The news of the secret meeting somehow made its way back to Baldwin, who was "furious" about it. "Hailey was livid and ultimately decided she wanted out of the marriage," snitched the "insider."

Anonymous sources are always a red flag for Gossip Cop, and this supposed source comes with enough red flags to lead a parade. How does this alleged "insider" have knowledge about both the secret meeting with Gomez and Baldwin's reaction? Instead of trusting this anonymous source with an unbelievable amount of insight into supposedly private conversations, Gossip Cop reached out to Bieber's rep. His spokesperson, who's qualified to speak on his behalf, told us on the record that the story was "complete nonsense."

The Tabloids Claim Hailey Baldwin Has Had Enough

Just a month later, the Mirror reported that Hailey Baldwin had called divorce lawyers only six months after marrying Justin Bieber. The tabloid alleged that Baldwin "doesn't understand why they can't just enjoy their life together," so she consulted with attorneys "just to be prepared" in the event that she decided to leave him. "She doesn't want to serve him divorce papers while he's struggling, but at the same time she has to look after herself, too," a seemingly phony source told the outlet. This couldn't have been further from the truth.

People, a much more reliable and trustworthy source, reported that the Biebers "seem happy about spending a few days in L.A." Baldwin herself shot down rumors of their troubled marriage in an Instagram story, writing, "don't believe what ya read on the internet folks," and added, "fake news." Though the singer was struggling with mental health issues, Baldwin faithfully stood by him, Gossip Cop found.

Baldwin Did Not Put Her Career On Hold

Earlier this year, Star claimed Baldwin was on the brink of divorcing Bieber. The outlet alleged that the marriage was at its "breaking point." A so-called "source" told the magazine, "Hailey's been trying hard, but it's an uphill struggle with Justin's depression, which seems to have gotten worse in the past few months." Adding, "Their friends are worried that Hailey's feeling so stressed and suffocated that she might even decide to leave him." Bieber would be more than "heartbroken," he'd be "devastated" by Baldwin's departure, continued the source.

The outlet also alleged that Baldwin had put her career and social life on hold to care for her husband, which was only making things worse. "Before she got married, she was traveling the globe partying with her fashion pals, like Kendall Jenner and Gigi and Bella Hadid. Now they're all living the high life without her, while she's become a kind of desperate housewife." That same source also claimed Baldwin had "no doubt turned down job offers in order to stay by her husband's side," though they offer no proof.

Ironically enough, a simple glance at the model's Instagram page was enough information for Gossip Cop to debunk this bogus story. Just a few rows above Baldwin's Vogue's Hong Kong edition cover sat a photo of the couple locking lips during New Years. The caption read, "Please be my New Year's kiss even when I'm 80!" This proved two things for Gossip Cop: Baldwin certainly wasn't struggling to work while married, and she was very happy with her husband.

Baldwin Wasn't Pregnant And Bieber Never Walked Out On Her

Last year, OK! even claimed Justin Bieber had walked out on "pregnant" Hailey Baldwin. Not only was Bieber not walking out on his wife, Baldwin wasn't even pregnant. Gossip Cop easily debunked the rumor after reaching out to Bieber's rep, who told us, "This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read and everyone who reads this article should ask for that time in their life that OK! wasted back."

The truth is, news of famous couples breaking up sells magazines. The tabloids are very aware of this fact, which is why they continuously try to break this particular couple up on almost a weekly basis, but it's simply not true.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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