Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin got married in a surprise visit to a New York courthouse in September 2018 after getting engaged in July of that year. Although the couple ended up holding a formal wedding ceremony in South Carolina a year after they obtained their marriage certificate, the suddenness of the process took most by surprise. The marriage has inspired a fair amount of false rumors about the two splitting. Here are a few of those claims that Gossip Cop has busted.

Life & Style asserted that Bieber and Baldwin were preparing to return to the courthouse to nullify their marriage roughly two months after they initially tied the knot. The tabloid cited an unnamed source, who claimed the two stars realized "they might have made a huge mistake" and should have "waited until they were older." Just before the article concluded, however, the source added that the two may "find a way to salvage" the relationship without specifying what that means exactly — if their age is the problem, how would they suddenly be able to "solve" their youth?

The line was clearly just an attempt to cover up the fact that the Bieber-Baldwin relationship was and is in good shape. At the time of the claims, Baldwin had changed her name and applied for trademarks to use the surname Bieber. The singer, in turn, had nothing but compliments and praise for his wife on social media, which seems a bit odd coming from someone whose marriage was supposedly a "huge mistake." As with the rest of these claims, Gossip Cop can now point out that the two have remain happily married.

This past March, the Mirror picked up on a Heat piece about Baldwin consulting divorce lawyers after she mentioned the difficulties that come with marriage in an interview with a different publication. According to the tabloid's "insider," the model was frustrated with her husband frequently "going AWOL on her" and asking for space. The magazine tempered its claims and specified that Baldwin wanted "to be prepared" if she decided to end the marriage, but she was holding off until Bieber was in a better place mentally.

In reality, the two were as happy as ever. Baldwin herself posted an Instagram story addressing a series of rumors about her marriage being in trouble, telling fans to not believe everything they read on the internet and labeling the rumors as "fake news." Additionally, more reliable sources of celebrity information said that the two were getting along just fine and were supportive of one another. Plus, Gossip Cop's source close to the couple assured us that it was indeed fake news.

OK! published a story about Bieber walking out on a supposedly pregnant Baldwin in April. The outlet claimed the two had gotten into a "terrible fight" that ended with Bieber ending things with Baldwin "for good." The magazine's mysterious source said the couple would "constantly clash and argue over the smallest things," and Bieber's "frequent mood swings and public meltdowns" were exacerbating the situation.

According to the outlet, the "terrible fight" started after Bieber "confronted" Baldwin over her decision to spend the night hanging out with friends rather than with him. Of course, the article's conclusion included some murmurs about the two possibly giving their marriage "another shot" in case the couple didn't end up splitting.

The whole story was baseless. Baldwin and Bieber certainly weren't breaking up, and Baldwin definitely wasn't pregnant. The two continued to post affectionate messages and photos of one another on social media and get along happily in public. Gossip Cop also checked with Bieber's spokesperson, who told us that the entire story was fiction. Considering the fact that Baldwin doesn't have some sort of a baby bump six months later, we're confident in our initial dismissal of this rumor.

This July, NW threw Taylor Swift in the mix with an article claiming Bieber and Baldwin were ready to call it quits after fighting over Scooter Braun, Bieber's longtime manager, and his feud with the Lover songstress. After Braun bought the master recordings of her entire music catalogue, Swift publicly accused Braun of "incessant manipulative bullying" and using clients like Bieber to harass her online.

Bieber took to social media to defend Braun, which, according to the tabloid, went directly against his wife's orders to ignore the feud. The outlet said this had Baldwin "at her absolute wits ends" with Bieber and his "childish antics." Bieber, said the tabloid's source, "flew off the rails" and warned his wife that their marriage was over "if she wasn't 100 percent supportive of him."

Gossip Cop checked in with one of our sources close to the situation, who pointed out that Baldwin had liked Braun's wife's post defending her husband and that Baldwin and Bieber had spent the Fourth of July with Braun after the feud started. There was no disconnect between the husband and wife, and, as we've done with other rumors about the two, can declare this another case of the tabloids getting it wrong.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


Debunking This Week's Tabloids: August 14, 2020