Justin Bieber “Flaunting Hailey Baldwin Romance” To Make Selena Gomez “Jealous” Is Made-Up Story

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Justin Bieber Hailey Baldwin Romance Selena Gomez

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Justin Bieber Hailey Baldwin Romance Selena Gomez

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A story claiming Justin Bieber is “flaunting” a “romance” with Hailey Baldwin to make Selena Gomez “jealous” was made-up. Not only does it come from a site known for peddling falsehoods about all of these stars, who have each individually slammed the blog on separate occasions, but the manufactured piece also contains yet more inaccuracies. Gossip Cop can bust it.

According to HollywoodLife, Bieber and Baldwin are “putting on quite a show with their rekindled relationship,” and the website purports to have “exclusive details on why it has everything to do” with Gomez. The outlet asserts that it’s “safe to say” Bieber and Baldwin are “back together,” and tries to add credence to its tale by citing a so-called “source close to JB.” This supposed snitch is quoted as saying about Bieber, “He feels happy and proud to be with [Baldwin], and he doesn’t mind flaunting their rekindled romance around town.”

But the online publication goes on to contend, “Hailey’s affection isn’t the only reason Justin’s been so open about their relationship. Word has it, Justin is also trying to get the attention of a certain someone.” Claims the alleged tipster, “He does miss Selena, and if they can’t be together, he has no problem with her seeing that he is moving on with someone else.” There’s a few problems here.

Bieber and Baldwin acted silly in front of the paparazzi on Wednesday because they like to troll the photographers who follow the superstar everywhere. Their outings have nothing to do with “flaunting” a romance. As the credible People has reported, though Bieber and Baldwin have stepped out together in recent days, they are “not an item” and “not in a relationship.” That said, it’s entirely possible they will start dating.

Currently, both the singer and the model are single, as E! Online reported earlier this week in a story about Bieber and Baldwin taking a trip to Miami and becoming friendly again. As for Gomez, the reputable People notes, “Justin has no contact with Selena now. He seems fine with it.” All of this destroys the premise of this latest report from HollywoodLies, as the site is nicknamed for its tendency to concoct bogus articles.

Of course, the website has a well documented history of spreading untrue claims, to the point where Bieber has tried to have HollywoodLife shut down. Gomez and Baldwin have also gone on record separately to call out the outlet for its misinformation, which is why it simply isn’t believable any time the publication claims to have an “exclusive” on any of them. Indeed, it was only one day ago that Gossip Cop pointed out that the site was only pretending to know Gomez’s reaction to the Bieber-Baldwin “romance,” and didn’t actually have any legitimate insight.

We now expect the blog will continue to stay in “love triangle” mode for the next few days so it can further exploit the stars and their fans with phony information. Meanwhile, Gossip Cop will do what we always do: Give readers the truth.


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