Justin Bieber Proposed To Hailey Baldwin With Same Ring He Offered Selena Gomez?

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Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Hailey Baldwin Same Ring

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Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Hailey Baldwin Same Ring

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Did Justin Bieber really propose to Hailey Baldwin with the same engagement ring he once offered Selena Gomez? Gossip Cop fact-checked this claim. It is provably false.

In its latest issue, OK! Australia announces in a headline, “Hailey Is Living Selena’s Old Life.” The tabloid attempts to make a number of comparisons between the women, from their back tattoos to their work with Adidas. While most of this is fairly reasonable and backed by evidence, the biggest claim has no proof whatsoever.

The magazine refers to an In Touch story, in which a so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “Justin had once proposed to Selena… with the same ring. If Hailey finds out she got Selena’s sloppy seconds, she’ll flip.” As for Gomez’s alleged reaction, an equally anonymous “source” contends to OK!, “Selena didn’t think about the ring again until she saw it on Hailey’s finger.” And that’s all the information provided.

Tellingly, it’s not said just when Bieber supposedly proposed to Gomez, or when he commissioned the ring. It’s not said how Gomez turned down his alleged proposal, or why he kept the bauble after she did. And it’s also not said why he purportedly thought he could give the same bling to Baldwin. Neither publication seems to know these relevant details. Instead, they just throw out this vague allegation with nothing to back it up.

In contrast, there is much to disprove it. On top of no reputable outlet ever reporting anything about Gomez turning down a marriage proposal from Bieber, the jeweler who designed the ring Bieber gave Baldwin, Jack Solow, is on the record extensively discussing the process. And it’s clear from his statements that the engagement ring is new and was specifically crafted for Baldwin.

For example, Solow told People that Bieber purposefully selected a diamond that “accentuate Hailey’s beautifully shaped hands.” As for how the collaboration started, Solow revealed, “When it came time to find a ring, Justin asked [his manager Scooter Braun] and said, ‘I’m ready to pop the question,’ and [Scooter] said, ‘There is only one place to go; ask Jack.’” Even before that interview, People reported that Bieber “picked out the ring before they flew to the Bahamas” for his surprise proposal.

Solow similarly told “Entertainment Tonight” in an interview, “Justin’s team gave me a heads up that I was the guy that was going to be doing Justin’s ring for Hailey.” He detailed the communication he had with Bieber’s camp, and the sit-down he had with the superstar himself to look at the finished ring. And in another chat with E! Online, Solow explained that Bieber wanted to incorporate 18 karat yellow gold into the ring because it was “important to Hailey.” The singer was evidently pleased with the result, as Bieber posted on Twitter with a ring emoji, “Thank you @solowco.”

Conclusion: OK! Australia and In Touch both claim, without evidence, that Bieber gave Baldwin the same engagement ring he once used to propose to Gomez. The tabloids have no specific details apart from quotes from an untraceable “source” and “insider.” But Bieber’s jeweler is on the record as a primary source in multiple interviews, in which it’s explained how the ring was specifically designed for Baldwin prior to their trip to the Bahamas earlier this month. And Bieber himself publicly thanked Solow. Through their statements, it is clear the engagement ring is new and has nothing to do with any past proposal to Gomez.

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OK! Australia

Justin Bieber proposed to Hailey Baldwin with the same ring he offered Selena Gomez.

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In Touch

Justin Bieber once proposed to Selena Gomez with the same engagement ring he gave Hailey Baldwin.


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