Top Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin Rumor Of 2019: Divorcing Over Selena Gomez

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side by side photos of Hailey Baldwin in red and white next to Justin Bieber in black

By Griffin Matis |

side by side photos of Hailey Baldwin in red and white next to Justin Bieber in black

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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin made their relationship doubly official this year. After a year of being legally married, the two held a private wedding in South Carolina this past September. The couple’s delayed ceremony came as a surprise to most, including the tabloids. The time between their legal marriage and their wedding was filled with rumors and gossip. We’re awarding the top rumor of the year to a bogus story about the spouses divorcing over Selena Gomez.

In February, OK! published the audacious claim that Bieber and Baldwin were divorcing after a mere 139 days because the singer was caught secretly meeting up with Gomez. It had all the hallmarks of a classic tabloid story. It dragged up exes, came up with secret meetings and, most importantly, gave a hard date for its prediction.

Less than five months after Bieber and Baldwin signed their marriage certificate, the outlet was already ready for it to be over. Baldwin, the magazine’s anonymous insider said, called it quits when she found out Bieber had “gone crawling back” to his ex. The source said that the two “realized that they rushed into marriage far too soon and that it’s not working.”

The meet-up in question was supposed to have taken place at a “mutual friend’s” place and led to a “very emotional” confrontation. The source went on to say that Bieber admitted to Gomez that he’d “always love her” and that his relationship with Baldwin was “not working” out. The insider even claimed that Bieber called his marriage “a big mistake.”

The fictional Gomez meetup was the last straw for Baldwin, the tipster explained. The model was “livid” and decided “she wanted out of the marriage” when she found out about the secret get-together. “No one blames Hailey for finally giving up,” the confident tipster added.

While the story was full of intrigue and drama, it was short on truth. As we pointed out at the time, it’s a major red flag when a source is so all-knowing. How in the world did one person get personal insight into both spouses’ feelings, the secret meeting and the timeline of their breakup? Easy — it’s all made up.

Furthermore, Gossip Cop directly reached out to Bieber’s spokesperson rather than some anonymous and unidentifiable source. The singer’s rep told us on the record that there was no truth to the rumor. As time has proven, the couple’s relationship has never been stronger. Their wedding went off without a hitch. All reports point to the two being just as in love as ever. In fact, they just hosted a celebrity-packed charity event together last week.

The tabloid didn’t stop at just one made-up rumor about the relationship. OK! tried again in April, this time claiming that Bieber had walked out on a pregnant Baldwin. As it turns out, adding a lie to another lie doesn’t make it any more true. Bieber’s next album is reported to focus on the love and trust in his marriage, so at least we can rest easy knowing that the pop star isn’t concerned about the never-ending gossip.


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