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Is Justin Bieber proposing to Hailey Baldwin? According to a tabloid, he's "ready to settle down." But Gossip Cop can debunk the report.

Star claims Baldwin has been wearing a "decoy engagement ring" to "keep Selena Gomez away" from Bieber. But, referencing one of his songs, the magazine contends her "plan was just the splash of Cold Water he needed" to realize he really does want to propose to the model. A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "Justin's decided to pop the question."

Again alluding to the superstar's musical catalog, the outlet asserts Bieber "wants to show" Baldwin that "it's not too late to say sorry." The problem, alleges the supposed snitch, is that "everyone thinks Justin is going to break Hailey's heart again." Still, the purported tipster maintains Bieber "swears he's not, and insists he's changed." The publication's "source" even declares, "Justin is finally ready to become a husband."

Yet at the end of the article, the tabloid adds that "the engagement isn't happening just yet." Huh? Isn't this whole story about how Bieber is "ready to settle down" and has "decided to pop the question"? If it "isn't happening just yet," when is it happening? In six months? A year? Tellingly, the tabloid never says. That's likely because this tale is totally phony.

Just one day before this report was published, People reported that although Bieber and Baldwin have been sharing a lot of kisses, "It's nothing to read into seriously. There are no wedding bells ringing." Similarly, "Entertainment Tonight" noted just a few days ago that although Bieber and Baldwin seem to be heating up, just based on how much time they've been spending together, they're only "casually dating." And exactly two weeks ago, E! Online addressed Bieber and Baldwin's relationship status, explaining that they have "no label" and "just like being together," so they're "just going with it for now."

It should also be noted that last month, In Touch falsely claimed Baldwin and Bieber were "talking marriage." In that story, it was said he wasn't "wasting any time," yet just like now, no specific time frame was given. This is significant because In Touch was recently bought by AMI, which already owns Star. That allows the two tabloids to share their questionable information with each other, as opposed to having two legitimately independent reporting operations. It certainly seems here that Star might've followed the misguided lead of its new sister publication.

Conclusion: The magazine claims Bieber wants to "pop the question," but then contradictorily asserts an engagement "isn't happening yet." Meanwhile, three respected outlets have all stressed that the relationship between him and Baldwin is casual and not serious. One, People, even directly goes against this "husband" narrative, making it clear there aren't going to be "wedding bells ringing." While it's certainly possible the romance could progress, it's obvious this storyline about the pair "settling down" is premature and inaccurate. UPDATE: Out-of-the-blue on July 7, Bieber proposed to Baldwin in the Bahamas. Still, the Star story was untrue about Baldwin wearing a "decoy engagement ring."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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