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Were Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin really compared to Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi? A report claims the singer was angry when a stranger seemingly dissed him and his fiancee. Gossip Cop can explain why all signs point to this tale being made-up.

"Justin & Hailey Mistaken For Ellen & Porta," announces In Touch, which asks if the couple are "Ellen & Portia 2.0." The piece begins by asserting that while Bieber may be "close" to DeGeneres, he "still hates being compared to her." It's specifically alleged the superstar was "visibly miffed when a stranger recently shouted out" that he and Baldwin "look just like Ellen and Portia de Rossi."

The magazine claims Bieber has been "called the 60-year-old's look-alike many times in the past," but a so-called "source" insists, "He's never found it funny." Continues this untraceable tipster, "And now they're throwing Hailey into the mix by saying she looks like a young Portia." The outlet concludes by editorializing, "Uh, that's not exactly an insult — lighten up!"

Putting that unnecessary dig aside, the publication has not a single shred of evidence to substantiate its narrative. When exactly did this purported incident take place? And where? There's no specific timeframe given beyond saying "recently," but Bieber and Baldwin have spent the past few weeks in the Bahamas, Georgia and New York, just to name a few places. It's telling that the tabloid gives no location for this alleged dust-up with a stranger.

Additionally, Bieber and Baldwin are followed by paparazzi virtually every time they step out in public together or individually. Fans also seem to document the couple's every move on social media. How is it then that no videos, photos or even audio have emerged of this supposed interaction? Whether Bieber has a positive run-in or negative with strangers, it all usually ends up online. Yet a search of social media and news websites shows nothing about Bieber becoming "visibly" upset after a stranger supposedly yelled at him about looking like DeGeneres.

Furthermore, it's not even explained in the story how exactly Bieber and Baldwin supposedly look like DeGeneres and de Rossi. For starters, the talk show host has short hair, while the singer is sporting a much longer hairdo these days. And does it really matter what a "stranger" thinks, anyway? The only one who needs to enjoy Bieber's appearance is Baldwin, and she actually just indicated that she very much does. Only hours ago, pal Nathan Finochio posted on Instagram a picture of himself sitting next to Bieber, which prompted Baldwin to comment, "Idk who the boy on the right is but he looks FINE from the back." (See screengrab below.)

To recap, In Touch wants readers to believe there was a public incident in which Bieber became upset after he and Baldwin were compared to DeGeneres and de Rossi. But the magazine has no proof whatsoever to support this claim. Lastly, it should be noted that Bieber didn't seem to mind resembling the couple when he posed with them at the Teen Choice Awards in 2012. (See photo above.) That only further underscores why this story isn't believable. On the contrary, it appears to be entirely manufactured.


Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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