Did Justin Bieber Dump ‘Pregnant’ Hailey Baldwin?

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Hailey Baldwin wearing a white jersey sitting above Justin Bieber, who is wearing a black hoodie and a baseball cap at a hockey game.

By Brianna Morton |

Hailey Baldwin wearing a white jersey sitting above Justin Bieber, who is wearing a black hoodie and a baseball cap at a hockey game.

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Nine months ago, a tabloid claimed Justin Bieber walked out on “pregnant” Hailey Baldwin. At the time, Gossip Cop looked into the rumor and determined it to be false. It’s officially been nine months since we corrected the story, and there is no new addition to the Bieber-Baldwin family. Of course, the happy couple is still together as well.

OK! made the outrageous claim that Bieber was dumping a pregnant Baldwin after the couple had a massive fight. According to a “source” who spoke with the outlet, fighting wasn’t anything new for the singer and his supermodel wife. “The drama is endless. They constantly clash and argue over the smallest things,” the so-called “insider” claimed. “The fighting has torn them apart – and Justin’s frequent mood swings and public meltdowns haven’t made things any easier.”

The fight that brought about Bieber’s walk out was supposedly over Baldwin spending the night at her friend’s house. The suspicious tipster told the publication, “Justin made it clear that he needs Hailey to be by his side and taking care of him,” adding that Baldwin “lost it and snapped back that she’s supposed to be his wife, not his mother. Justin took that very badly, and stormed out.”

For the most part, Baldwin’s supposed pregnancy isn’t mentioned all that often, which was a red flag to Gossip Cop. Even the source, as phony as they seemed, wouldn’t outright say Baldwin was pregnant. They phrased it in a way that allowed them all the plausible deniability in the world. “For Justin to walk away when Hailey’s said to be expecting his child is pretty dramatic, even by the their tumultuous standards.” It’s almost as if the magazine knew it wasn’t telling the truth, so it tried hedging its bet on the pregnancy.

Though Gossip Cop could tell right away this story was nonsense, we still reached out to Bieber’s rep, who was authorized to speak on the matter. The singer’s spokesperson told us, “This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read and everyone who reads this article should ask for that time in their life that OK! wasted back.” That’s a very firm denial. Now, nine months after the tabloid published its bogus story, it’s become crystal clear it was all made up. Bieber and Baldwin are still together and haven’t had any kids together yet.

OK! almost always gets it wrong when it comes to Bieber and Baldwin’s marriage. Earlier this year, the publication claimed Bieber’s health issues were pushing Baldwin to the “breaking point.” Baldwin has been a vocal supporter of her husband’s health – both physical and mental – and often shares touching posts dedicated to her husband. Gossip Cop found this story totally false.

Last year, the outlet reported that Bieber and Baldwin were getting divorced over Selena Gomez. In the time since that piece was published, Baldwin and Bieber were married again in a religious ceremony. Gossip Cop also pointed out the fact that this article was published a week after the same publication claimed Bieber and Baldwin were living with his mother, but failed to mention the couple was headed for divorce. Seems like OK! has way more trouble with facts than Bieber and Baldwin have with their marriage.


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