Did Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin Nearly Divorce Months After Getting Married?

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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin arrive for YouTube Originals' "Justin Bieber: Seasons" premiere

By Laura Broman |

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin arrive for YouTube Originals' "Justin Bieber: Seasons" premiere

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Did Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber nearly divorce last year? One tabloid was pushing that rumor, but Gossip Cop found it to be false. The passing year has only further proved the story’s absurdity.

According to an article published in the Mirror on March 19, 2019, Baldwin spoke with “divorce lawyers” just months after getting married to Bieber. A supposed “source” told the tabloid that the model was tired of her husband “going AWOL on her and saying he needs space.” Baldwin “doesn’t understand why they can’t just enjoy their life together,” said the insider. “She doesn’t want to serve him divorce papers while he’s struggling, but at the same time she has to look after herself, too.”

Gossip Cop investigated the story and learned that it was complete fiction. A source close to the star couple assured us that the story was totally untrue. There was plenty of other evidence that proved Baldwin was not thinking of divorce. She had shot down rumors of a split earlier that week in an Instagram story. “Don’t believe what you read on the internet folks,” she wrote, calling the rumors “fake news.” People, a far more reliable source for celebrity news than the Mirror, reported that Baldwin “just wants [Bieber] to focus on his mental health.” As for Bieber supposedly going AWOL, they’re constantly photographed together so that claim is equally baseless.

The passing year has proved that Baldwin and Bieber are nothing if not united in their love. In July 2019, Baldwin celebrated the one-year anniversary of her engagement with an Instagram post. “Life gets more beautiful everyday because of you, my heart belongs to you forever,” she wrote. “Here’s to learning and growing up together.” In early January, Baldwin tweeted in support of her husband for his recently-announced diagnosis of Lyme disease, shutting down those who tried to deny its severity. “Making fun of and belittling a disease you don’t understand is never the way,” she wrote. “All it takes educating yourself.” Mirror’s assertion that Baldwin was on her way out was very clearly nonsense.

The tabloids are constantly claiming that Baldwin and Bieber are on the verge of breaking up. It’s like they have a pool going about it. In early January, Gossip Cop busted a very similar article from Star insisting that Baldwin “wanted out” of her marriage due, once again, to Bieber’s mental health struggles. A couple of weeks later, we debeunked the same claim from OK! Australia about how Bieber and Baldwin were at their “breaking point.” The spiteful delight that these tabloids take in exploiting Bieber’s mental and physical health struggles is extraordinary.


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