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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin may be on the verge of breaking up, according to a new tabloid report. This article largely focuses on recent photos of the stars crying. But Gossip Cop can point to evidence that the couple is not only still together, but happily so.

"Justin & Hailey: Breaking Down And Breaking Up?" asks NW, which claims, "It looks like it could all be ending in tears for Jailey." The magazine seizes on paparazzi pictures from last week in which the newly-engaged couple was seen comforting one another. The sighting leads the outlet to declare, "The honeymoon period seems to be over," and "Trouble seems to have hit paradise."

Contends the publication, "Their emotional breakdown left many asking if they'd possibly decided to call it quits." The tabloid, which also claims Bieber and Baldwin "may have already secretly tied the knot," further speculates that they may have "received some bad news, possibly to do with a family member." The magazine goes on to acknowledge that Bieber chalked up the teary snapshots to a "bad day," but suggests the fact that he's openly reading The Meaning of Marriage is evidence he and Baldwin are "feeling some sort of pressure about being hubby and wifey."

Baldwin in particular is "totally overwhelmed at the moment," a so-called "insider" is quoted as saying. This untraceable tipster goes on to assert, "She wants everything to be dialed back right now. She's still desperately in love with Justin, but it's all too much." And a purported "pal" also claims to the outlet, "Hailey craves a life that's less scrutinized and more natural."

But as timelines of Bieber and Baldwin's relationship show, she has been a part of his life to some degree for years. The model is well aware of the attention the superstar receives. Baldwin knew what she was signing up for, so to speak, when she accepted Bieber's proposal, so the notion that's she's suddenly upset to be under scrutiny doesn't hold much weight.

Even the claim that the couple must be feeling "pressure" because Bieber is reading a book about marriage is absurd. Because the singer is educating himself before walking down the aisle, he must be struggling with getting married? That hardly makes sense. Looked at rationally, it's clear the outlet just wanted to build a negative narrative around Bieber and Baldwin's emotional photos.

It is far from logical, however, to jump to a "breaking up" conclusion based on one day of possible sadness when there have been many more days, both before and after, of the stars appearing to be in a state of total bliss. On Sunday, for example, Bieber and Baldwin were both all smiles while in Canada. And on Monday, as opposed to appearing "overwhelmed," Baldwin was again grinning as she and Bieber got milkshakes in New York.

In addition, contrary to the claim that the couple may be about to split, TMZ just reported that Bieber and Baldwin are moving forward with plans to marry next year. People also recently reported that Bieber is the "happiest he's ever been," stressing, "Justin being emotional has nothing to do with him not being happy. It's the opposite." Nothing is "ending in tears" right now.

Lastly, it's worth remembering that this warped storyline is coming from the same publication that previously claimed Bieber was looking for an Australian wife and that Selena Gomez was pregnant with his baby. Oh, and the contention that Bieber and Baldwin are already married isn't true, either, and was debunked two weeks ago. Simply put, the tabloid keeps proving it has no credibility.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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