Justin Bieber “Would Love To Have Big Family” With Hailey Baldwin Is Made-Up Story

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Justin Bieber Big Family

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Justin Bieber Big Family

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A story about how Justin Bieber “would love to have a big family” with Hailey Baldwin was made-up. This apparent fabrication is merely telling fans what they already know, while also oddly leaving out a key detail. Gossip Cop can bust the seemingly bogus article.

The piece in question comes from HollywoodLife, which Bieber has tried to have shut down. The superstar is on the record as calling the site “garbage” for the way it peddles phony stories about him. That’s why readers should never believe the blog when it purports to have a “source close to Justin,” as it does in this alleged “exclusive.”

People should also be skeptical because nothing in this article actually comes off as an “exclusive” scoop. In a long-winded, run-on sentence, the supposed “source” is quoted as saying, “Justin wants to be a dad more than pretty much anything else in the world, he absolutely loves and adores children, and cannot wait to have kids of his own.” No one needed HollywoodLies, as it is nicknamed for its tendency to fudge stories, or its almost assuredly fictional “source” to share this when the singer himself has made all of this clear multiple times over the years.

In 2011, Bieber admitted he wanted to become a father around the age of 25. He is routinely photographed with children, and there are seemingly endless pictures of Bieber holding babies. And last summer, after Bieber canceled his tour, he explained that he was choosing to focus on personal improvement “so that I can be the man I want to be, the husband I eventually want to be and the father I want to be.” When the outlet’s likely invented “source” asserts he adores kids and is eager to have children of his own, the publication is merely passing on what is already common knowledge.

Another suspicious red flag appears when the untraceable tipster maintains the performer is “already an amazing big brother to Jaxon.” As fans and reputable media know, he actually has two siblings, and Bieber also has a baby sister on the way. Given that he’s been just as much an “amazing big brother” to his sister Jazmyn (pictured above in 2011), it is glaring that only Jaxon is mentioned. That only further indicates this unnamed “source” isn’t credible.

The online publication attempts to offer more alleged insight by having its apparently fake “source” say Baldwin “loves kids too,” and shares Bieber’s “morals and family values.” These are transparently obvious guesses. Bieber and Baldwin attend the same church, and it stands to reason they discussed their future desire to have kids before he popped the question earlier this month.

In sum: One, a website that Bieber openly despises wants readers to believe it really has a source “close” to him dishing on his personal life. Two, this so-called “source” offers up quotes about Bieber wanting to have kids, something he has spoken openly about for years. Three, this “source” fails to acknowledge Bieber has another sibling besides Jaxon. And four, the assertions about Baldwin amount to conclusions anyone could rationally come to on his or her own. All of these are reasons why it is evident this story was made-up.


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