Justin Bieber was never attending the Grammys, but HollywoodLife is trying to spin a different storyline. The serial fabricators, however, have been wrong about the singer and the Grammy Awards from the get-go.

Last month, the bad blog falsely claimed Bieber was skipping the Grammys because of The Weeknd and Selena Gomez. But the superstar's decision not to attend the ceremony had nothing to do with either his supposed rival or his ex-girlfriend. In fact, Gossip Cop was even exclusively told that the webloid's claims about his reasoning were "B.S."

Now fast-forward to Sunday, just hours before the Grammy Awards. In a purported "exclusive," HollywoodLies blared, "Justin Bieber Plans To Attend The Grammys & Is Happy For Selena's Success." Say what? The site insisted, "Justin Bieber is planning to attend the Grammys on Feb. 12, we've EXCLUSIVELY learned, and he's also excited to party afterwards! The singer isn't even worried about a possible run-in" with Selena Gomez, since he's 'happy' for her success."

Of course, no reputable outlet confirmed Bieber was now attending the show, because his plans hadn't actually changed at all. And that's why the online publication's so-called "source" gave an excuse, just in case he didn't show. "Right now Justin WILL be going, but in typical Bieber fashion, he could still change his mind, up until his ride arrives at his door. He doesn't love award shows, so he may skip last minute," said this dubious (and quite possibility fictitious) tipster.

Well, Bieber did skip the event, and that was his intention all along. There was never a last-minute plan to attend the ceremony. And when the blog now claimed Bieber wasn't "worried in the least" about a "run-in with Gomez and The Weekend, it blatantly contradicted its own prior "reporting" about the couple being why he wasn't going to attend. Quite frankly, it's outrageous that the fabrication factory wants readers to believe it has any such inside information at all.

Don't forget: Bieber slammed HollywoodLife as "untruthful and hurtful." And then Bieber blasted HollywoodLife as "garbage." He made it perfectly clear the webloid doesn't have accurate insight into his life, and that hasn't changed. But Gossip Cop won't be surprised in the least if HollywoodLies tries to continue its false Grammys narrative with additional stories about why Bieber didn't end up going and how he felt about Gomez partying with The Weeknd. Those creative writers (cough) do love their fan-fiction.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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