Justin Bieber Did NOT “Compare Himself To God,” Despite Report

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Justin Bieber God Rested Photo

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber God Rested Photo

(Daily Mail)

Justin Bieber did NOT “compare himself to God,” despite a ridiculous report. Gossip Cop can bust the sensational claim.

In one of the most clickbait-y headlines we’ve seen this week, the Daily Mail announces, “‘And on the 7th day…’ Justin Bieber compares himself to God as he posts a shirtless snap in bed.'” The British tabloid writes, “Humility may not be the top Christian value this devote singer embraces, but you can hardly blame him for being so excited about sleep.”

Indeed, Bieber is understandably tired from his “Purpose World Tour.” And early Thursday morning, he posted an Instagram photo of himself resting in bed. He captioned it, “And on the 7th day.”

But where did Bieber compare himself to God, as the paper declares in its headline? Nowhere. The singer merely quoted a Bible verse that explains why most people opt to rest one day of the week. Surely not everyone who observes that principle is comparing his or herself to God.

But when it comes to Bieber and certain other stars, every move is sensationalized and often twisted to appear far scandalous than it actually is, all in name of getting readers to click on stories. The Daily Mail was guilty of this with the singer just two weeks ago. The publication took a split-second photo of Post Malone with his hand touching Bieber’s neck, and played it as if he was getting choked as part of some dispute

Gossip Cop exclusively set the record straight, with a rep telling us the tour mates were simply joking around. In fact, shortly after our debunking, the rapper himself said the same thing on Twitter. Sure, that may be a more boring version, but it’s the truth. And if the Daily Mail can’t just report the basic facts, perhaps it shouldn’t be reporting at all.

UPDATE: After our bust, Bieber updated his Instagram caption to back up our take. “AND MY GOODNESS I WAS MAKING A REFERENCE, I AM NOT COMPARING MYSELF TO GOD IM THE FARTHEST THING FROM!!!! IT WAS MY WAY OF SAYING HOW IMPORTANT REST IS.. WHEN THERE IS NOTHING TO PICK AT ME FOR YOU MAKE SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING BUT I GET IT YOU NEED RATINGS AND TRACTION YOUR BLOGS. But if truthfully if you were offended it was in no way shape or form me comparing myself to the most high.”

He went on to spotlight the Daily Mail headline, writing, “Would love to talk about this because it’s another moment to point to God. When I said on the 7th day it was a reference to say that on the 7th day he rested giving us a template and example letting us know how important rest is. People love to twist what was meant for good and maybe it was my fault by not explaining my thought correctly. You can think the worst about me but never ever want people to think I compare myself to The MOST HIGH.”

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