Justin Bieber: “I Don’t Kiss And Tell,” But “Want To Be Settled Down By 30”

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Justin Bieber Glamour Interview March 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber Glamour Interview March 2016

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Justin Bieber refuses to “kiss and tell,” but in a new interview with Glamour, the superstar reveals many juicy tidbits about his future plans, current likes, and bad habits.

The singer played a rapid-fire game similar to 21 Questions, in which he was asked about everything from his preferred last meal on earth (spaghetti Bolognese) to the show he’s binge-watching (“Workaholics”). Bieber deems his grandparents the people he “admires most,” noting, “They are amazing and have always been there for me.” And on the topic of family, he admits having one of his “own” is his “biggest dream.”

“I’d love to be settled down by the age of 30,” confesses Bieber. Asked to name the last person he’s kissed, though, and the star responds, “I don’t kiss and tell.” That said, he does share what he’s looking for in a woman: “A genuine heart and a great sense of humor.”

Among friends, Bieber values “honesty” above all, and thinks his “sense of humor” is his “most underrated characteristic.” He admits that “small spaces” are his “biggest fear,” and amusingly reveals Alanis Morissette’s “Ironic” was the last song he sang in the shower. Bieber describes himself as “creative, adventurous, [and] loving,” but acknowledges that he needs work on being “more patient.”

Hilariously, when asked “what’s the craziest thing someone’s said to you on social media,” the performer responds, “My fans can have dirty minds…” More seriously, Bieber says the “biggest misconception” about him is “that I ever went away.” He explains, “I don’t view this as a comeback — I’m just growing up.”

And Bieber’s message to all the naysayers who doubted him? “I’m glad you were wrong.”


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