Justin Bieber: “I’ve Had An Ex-Girlfriend Scream At Me Before Going On Stage”

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Justin Bieber Ryan Seacrest Interview Video August 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber Ryan Seacrest Interview Video August 2015


Justin Bieber appeared on Friday’s “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” to celebrate the release of his new single “What Do You Mean?” Check out the video below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Bieber first announced the song’s title and release date during an interview with Seacrest late last month. That kicked off a 30-day countdown until the track’s premiere, building buzz with the help of celebrity friends. This new sit-down began with Bieber talking about how his new music is indicative of where he currently is in his life.

“The album is really inspirational. I mean, most of the songs are just uplifting and fun. I wanted to use my platform in this point of my life to just reach as many people as I can in a positive way,” he explained, telling Seacrest, “In the studio, we have talks about my direction or what I’m going through that week. Real-life stuff. We’re not just writing about fictional stuff.”

Bieber hesitated when saying whether he was intending to show his “true colors,” but said he wants people “to understand the real me.” “I can talk about it in interviews and stuff, but what better way than to do it through my music?” he asked.

After Seacrest played “What Do You Mean?” the host praised the track’s lyrics for being “so true.” Referring to the line “Wanna argue all day/make love all night,” Bieber went on to ask, “Ever be in the bedroom and the same thing happens? She’s like pushing you away, and then she wants to kiss you, and then she starts crying, and pushes you away.”

Looking ahead to Sunday, Bieber admitted, “I’m so excited, but I’m so nervous. I am nervous about the VMAs. I just want it to be so awesome, and I’m perfectionist, and then I start getting in my head.” Asked about preparing for such gigs, the superstar went on to say, “It helps me when I have a lot of people that love me who encourage me… That really means the world, and I don’t know if I would be able to do it without them.”

“I’ve had an ex-girlfriend scream at me before going on stage and stuff,” Bieber admitted without naming names. “Now I’m in a place where I just have people around me supporting me.” Does that include Xenia Deli? While Gossip Cop confirmed they are not a couple, Bieber did gush, “She is so beautiful, but she’s also like such a sweetheart. She’s easy to be around and stuff.”

Later in the interview, Bieber returned to the topic of his album, and revealed “Where Are U Now” collaborators Diplo and Skrillex are featured “a lot,” suggesting they’ve given each other “credibility.” He also confirmed he wants to release the original acoustic version of the hit song, and said that while the record may have bells and whistles, he made sure all the songs on it still sound amazing stripped down.

The chat culminated in Seacrest and Bieber calling up a fan named Jasmine Santos to invite her to the VMAs, and the singer closed by revealing his album cover will be a big “surprise.” Watch Bieber’s interview below!


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