Justin Bieber Fight: Cleveland Man Lamont Richmond Claims He “Just Asked For Autograph” (VIDEO)

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Justin Bieber Fight Lamont Richmond

By Andrew Shuster |

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A Cleveland man named Lamont Richmond is claiming to be the person who Justin Bieber got into a fist fight with outside of his hotel on Wednesday night. Watch Richmond’s explanation of what supposedly went down in the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported earlier, footage emerged of Bieber getting punched in the head by another man outside his hotel following the Cavaliers’ game against the Golden State Warriors. The singer swung back, but was pulled down to the ground as a group of people jumped in to break up the fight.

Now, Bieber’s previously unidentified opponent has seemingly come forward. Richmond, who alleges he brawled with the singer, posted a video to Facebook to explain the situation. “The fool ran up on me. I was with the girls. We just asked the d*ck for an autograph,” said Richmond. However, it hasn’t been confirmed that Richmond was, in fact, the man fighting Bieber in the video.

As Gossip Cop also noted, shortly following the release of the footage, Bieber posted an Instagram selfie of himself with his face unscathed, along with the caption, “Not a scratch on this pretty boy.” After that post, Bieber uploaded another selfie, and added, “No hesitation.” Gossip Cop reached out to the Bieber’s rep for more information on Wednesday’s incident, but we have not yet heard back. Check out Richmond’s video below.


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