Justin Bieber Fans Interviewed In Cut “SNL” Sketch — WATCH HERE!

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Justin Bieber Kyle Mooney SNL

By Michael Lewittes |

Justin Bieber Kyle Mooney SNL


Justin Bieber’s fans are front and center in a hilarious cut “SNL” sketch featuring Kyle Mooney. Watch the video below!

Bieber himself doesn’t make an appearance in the video, which was filmed before his September concert on “Today,” but Mooney gets up close and personal with the fans who camped out to see the show. He engages in a highly awkward interaction with one fan by asking her how long she’s been waiting in the rain to see Bieber’s performance. When she gives her answer (four hours), Mooney mimes that there’s a malfunction with the microphone and makes the young girl keep giving her response as she grows increasingly agitated.

Mooney also talks with a dad who initially claims he’s there to snap a photo of the singer for his kids, but then boldly declares that he’s the world’s biggest fan of Bieber (see pic above). The video also shows a Bieber impersonator who’s carrying a skateboard and truly does seem to believe he’s the singer. He tries to leave by telling Mooney, “I’ve gotta go on stage right now.” The sketch concludes with Mooney telling the camera that the experience has made him a “Believer” (not Belieber).

Watch the video below, and tell Gossip Cop what you think of the cut “SNL” sketch. Do you think it should have made it on the show?


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