Justin Bieber Fan “Belieber Linda” Allegedly Commits Suicide

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Justin Bieber Fan Suicide Linda

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber Fan Suicide Linda

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A Justin Bieber fan named Linda has allegedly committed suicide, leading “#RIPBelieberLinda” to become a trending topic on Thursday as fans mourned her death.

Prior to Linda’s apparent passing, it seems she was in the hospital, possibly for depression treatment. The news of her death was broken via her “@BiebersApp” Twitter account, which has more than 15,000 followers. The tweets read, “This is Linda’s friend and this is the request from her parents to inform you that she committed suicide. The autopsy says that she jumped from the building which matches with what the gardener from the hospital says, that her body was lying on the pavement. We lost her last night and she is in our prayers. The pressure for her was just too much and she couldn’t bear it anymore. We’re terribly sorry.”

Many fellow Beliebers have now changed their profile names to pay tribute to Linda. Others are discussing how Linda previously gave some warning signs on Twitter, and that fans must band together in such situations going forward to prevent tragedy. And still more are simply sharing mournful messages. “We lost a sister. We found an angel. #RIPBelieberLinda,” wrote one fan. Another encouraged, “#RipBelieberLinda please guys keep her in your prayers.”

One person even noted, “She was the best person I knew! she gave me £15 iTunes gift for New Years, it just breaks my heart.” Another acknowledged, “RIPBelieberLinda i have never met you but from what i’ve heard you’re amazing. rest in peace angel. beliebers will remember you forever.” Bieber himself has not yet commented.


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