Justin Bieber And Ellen DeGeneres Surprise Detroit School With Huge Donation — WATCH VIDEO HERE!

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Justin Bieber Donates Detroit School Video

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber Donates Detroit School Video


Justin Bieber and Ellen DeGeneres surprised a Detroit school this week with a huge donation. Watch below!

On Thursday’s episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” the host shines a spotlight on Spain Elementary School, which serves poor and homeless kids in Detroit. The school, however, is in complete disarray with the building falling apart, no books for the students, and not enough staff. That’s where DeGeneres’ “biggest, most generous giveaway ever” comes in.

DeGeneres first announced she partnered With Lowe’s to give a $100 VISA gift card to each teacher and staffer to buy supplies. And while each classroom at the school has a single computer, most of them don’t work, so Lowe’s offered $50,000 worth of technology. DeGeneres revealed the school would also get $200,000 to fix the roof and other problems.

DeGeneres encouraged viewers to contribute through a GoFundMe page, but she still had a few more surprises. Bieber literally popped out of her side table to surprise both the audience and the school, which was looped in via satellite. As it turns out, Spain is also a performing arts school, yet it has no money for music or drama classes.

Enter Bieber. He revealed he’ll be giving the school $1 from every ticket sold to an upcoming concert, which should amount to tens of thousands of dollars. But DeGeneres still wasn’t done.

At the end of the segment, she revealed Lowe’s was going to give an additional $250,000, making it a half-million donation in total, and that’s not even counting Bieber’s contribution. Needless to say, everyone was pretty excited.

Bieber and DeGeneres have a history of teaming up together. Back in 2011, for instance, the singer surprised a Las Vegas elementary school with a $100,000 donation, and later played a holiday concert there, where he brought Christmas gifts. It was because of DeGeneres that the school was brought to Bieber’s attention. Check out video below of their latest charitable endeavor!


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