Justin Bieber Did NOT “Rudely Diss” Fans Wanting Selfie, Despite Report (VIDEO)

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Justin Bieber Dissed Fans Video

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber Dissed Fans Video

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Justin Bieber did NOT “rudely diss” fans wanting a selfie, despite a report. Gossip Cop can bust the story.

According to the facts-challenged HollywoodLife, “Some happy fans wanted a selfie with their favorite singer, but the Biebs shut them down with a harsh diss.” The webloid accuses Bieber of acting “cold” when a group of purported fans approached his SUV as it exited a garage in New York City on Wednesday. While the site supposes he may not have been in the mood for photos, it goes on to write, “His reply to some excited Beliebers wanting a snap was still really rude!”

“Instead of politely turning down his eager Beliebers, Justin pulled a bit of attitude on his fans,” says the outlet. The story goes on to claim that “when Justin rolled up his window without cracking a smile, it came off as really mean! Justin even tosses something at his fans – either a shirt or possibly his trash. He even says something, though it’s not clearly heard in the video.”

But if the “journalists” at HollywoodLies actually bothered to watch the footage closely, they’d know exactly what went down, what was said, and what was thrown. Bieber rolled down his window with every intention of talking the group, only to have one of the girls immediately throw a flag right at his face. “Why did you throw that?” the singer calmly and rightfully asked.

He then tossed the item (NOT “trash”) back out of his car, and went on his way. That isn’t being “rude.” That’s being understandably turned off by aggressive behavior. But the sensationalists at HollywoodLife chose to paint the situation completely differently. And it’s not the first time Bieber’s run-ins with alleged fans have gotten twisted.

In one incident not too long ago, Bieber was similarly accused of “dissing” Beliebers when his car drove off. The young people, however, actually ran into the street to chase him, but these weren’t actual fans. They were working with autograph sellers hoping to score material and make a buck off him. Check out the video from Wednesday below.

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