Justin Bieber Did NOT “Desecrate Flag” Or Tell Fans To “Go Away,” Despite Report

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Justin Bieber Desecrate Flag Fans Video

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber Desecrate Flag Fans Video

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Justin Bieber did NOT “desecrate” a flag or tell fans to “go away,” despite yet another misleading report. Gossip Cop can once again set the record straight.

As Gossip Cop reported, Bieber was falsely accused earlier this week of “rudely dissing” fans when he supposedly refused to take a selfie with them as his SUV exited a parking garage in New York City. HollywoodLife even alleged that the superstar had thrown “trash” at the group. But as Gossip Cop correctly pointed out, Bieber had actually rolled down his window to talk with the fans.

But instead of being calm, one girl threw a flag right at his face. He tossed it back out, and quietly asked, “Why did you throw that?” But you wouldn’t know that from reading the Daily Mail. The tabloid’s headline on its website reads, “Justin Bieber offends Argentinian fans after he is filmed ‘throwing the nation’s flag out of his car’ after mouthing ‘go away’ to screaming fans.”

The accompany story says, “Justin Bieber has been accused of desecrating the Argentinian flag after he was filmed reportedly throwing it out on the street in New York. A fan video showing the moment the 22-year-old singer throws the fabric out of a car has provoked fury in Argentina after it was shared on social media. In the clip, the singer is seen being handed a folded up piece of fabric — reportedly the Argentinian flag — by an adoring fan, but he rejects the gift, tossing it out of the window.”

“The clip shows Bieber mouthing ‘go away’ to the crowds as he sits in the back of a 4×4,” the article goes on, adding, “The fan then thrusts the Argentinian flag in the hopes that the star will catch it, but instead the visibly agitated singer tosses it out of the window.” But this is a complete and total misrepresentation of what went down.

Bieber wasn’t handed a “gift” that he “rejected.” Something was thrown right at his face, and not knowing what it was, he gave it right back. Furthermore, he was never seen telling anyone to “go away.”

And it’s worth noting that the young girl involved in the situation even noted her own wrongdoing in a Facebook post, and said that she had apologized to the singer. The teen was still upset by Bieber’s reaction, but Gossip Cop has it on good authority that he was not intending to cause offense, but simply on his way somewhere as a throng of people approached is car. Furthermore, it’s important to point that this is at least the third time recently that the Daily Mail has blatantly sensationalized a situation to make the superstar look bad.

Last month, Gossip Cop called out the Daily Mail for falsely claiming Bieber was choked by friend Post Malone during a supposed club fight. And just last week, we (and later Bieber himself) busted the British paper for wrongly claiming the former child star had “compared” himself to God. And now we have this new piece. It’s no wonder Bieber tweeted on Friday, “The media really loves to twist things. Glad we have social media so they can’t twist me. I love people. Plain and simple. I love people.” Unfortunately, certain outlets just don’t love the facts.

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