Justin Bieber is not actively preparing for his own death. That rumor, put forth by one of this week's tabloids, is completely false. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

The magazine NW reports that the pop star has become "fixated with predicting his own demise." Plagued by a recent struggle with Lyme disease and a supposed "fragile mental state," Bieber is focusing more than ever on writing as much music as he can before he dies, according to the tabloid's unknown "insider." Bieber wants to make sure his wife, Hailey Baldwin, is "well taken care of after he's gone," adds the supposed source.

The outlet also contemplates the rather ghoulish question, "Will Biebs Join the 27 Club?" referring to a term used for the group of celebrities of recent generations, such as Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse, who died at the age of 27. Bieber, 25, is reportedly "obsessed" with the 27 Club, and, convinced he's going to join it soon, has stopped taking care of himself and lost a dangerous amount of weight.

Fortunately, Bieber does not appear to be knocking on death's door, willingly or unwillingly. Gossip Cop sees no truth to this claim. In fact, the singer seems to be making plans on this plane of existence far into the future. His upcoming fifth studio album, Changes, is scheduled for release this coming February. Following that, Bieber will head out on tour beginning in May.

Bieber did open up about being diagnosed with Lyme disease in an Instagram post, acknowledging that it has affected his appearance and health. "I've been battling and overcoming!" he wrote. "It's been a rough couple of years but getting the right treatment... and I will be back and better than ever." Those hardly sound like the words of someone who's embracing death.

Bieber also recently dropped the first four episodes of his 10-part documentary webseries Justin Bieber: Seasons, in which he describes himself as "happy about what [he's] doing." "My life is changing a lot," he says. "Being creative with being in this new chapter... just being in a good headspace. A better headspace." These also aren't the words of a person preparing for death in the next couple of years.

Bieber's mental and physical health has been the subject of much tabloid speculation in recent years. Following the singer's Lyme disease diagnosis earlier this January, the National Enquirer claimed that Bieber feared the disease would be the end of his career. Back in 2019, NW ran another story about the singer, this time speculating that Bieber was on "suicide watch" after recently opening up about struggles with mental health. Gossip Cop debunked both claims as false. Despite these morbid tabloid fantasies about Bieber's life (and death), the man himself seems to be doing just fine.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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