Rebel Wilson And Kelly Osbourne Beg Justin Bieber For Date

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Justin Bieber Date Rebel Wilson Kelly Osbourne

By Andrew Shuster |

Justin Bieber Date Rebel Wilson Kelly Osbourne


Rebel Wilson and Kelly Osbourne really want Justin Bieber to make good on the “date” he supposedly promised them. Throughout Thursday, the two women have been bombarding the singer on social media with pleas to take them out.

As Gossip Cop reported, Wilson and Osbourne met the pop star on Wednesday at the opening night of Jennifer Lopez’s “All I Have” show in Las Vegas. The trio posed for multiple Instagram selfies, one of which Wilson captioned, “Successful mission.” Both Wilson and Osbourne also tweeted images of a handwritten note they gave the singer, which read, “We think you should take our sexy hot asses out after the show (nothing weird).”

At the bottom of the letter were two boxes labeled “yes” and “no,” with the “yes” box having been checked, presumably by Bieber. Wilson added the caption, “This is HOW to pick up Bieber at the J Lo concert.” He later retweeted the letter, and wrote, “We had fun… and thanks for the note.”

It would appear, however, that the triple date never went down. Sometime after the concert, Osbourne posted an Instagram note for Bieber that read, “I’m Kelly and I’m Rebel. We were just wondering where are you taking us?” The two boxes at the bottom of that letter read “your hotel” and “our hotel,” however neither box was checked.

On Thursday, Osbourne checked up on the status of the potential get-together yet again. “So… about that date w/ @RebelWilson & I where are we going? horse riding? what should we wear… Chaps?” she wrote. Wilson later added, “I’m also down for a casual pool party at your house Biebs…B.Y.O pool noodles.”

For his part, Bieber has not responded to the ladies’ subsequent pleas. A disappointed and dateless Wilson later reposted a picture of the letter he marked “yes,” along with the caption, “Note to all girls: if you get a date confirmation in writing it’s a legal document & that promise must be fulfilled.” Wilson and Osbourne, however, have yet to file an official lawsuit against the pop star.


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