Justin Bieber’s Dad “Proud” Of His Penis Size

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Justin Bieber Dad Penis Size

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber Dad Penis Size


Justin Bieber’s dad is proud of his penis size. As awkward as that may sound, Jeremy Bieber’s tweet to his son on Friday is even more awkward. See screengrab below.

“@justinbieber what do you feed that thing. #proud daddy,” Jeremy tweeted, along with a bashful smile emoji. The message came less than two days after naked photos of Bieber were published. As Gossip Cop reported, the superstar was in the nude during a vacation in Bora Bora when paparazzi surreptitiously took pictures of him, even though he was on private property.

The snapshots were initially posted online with censors, but it didn’t take long for the uncensored versions to begin circulating on social media. That led to an obscene amount of comments about Bieber’s penis size. And apparently his father just couldn’t help but weigh in, too.

The tweet has elicited a number of responses, including, “This sounds super weird.” Another person sniped, “nothing more presh than a creepy loser dad publicly commenting on his famous son’s d*ck.” One individual even commented, “My mum said its normal for dads to say that to their sons.”

For his part, Bieber hasn’t commented on the photo scandal at all, although he did favorite a tweet from Chrissy Teigen on the matter. As Gossip Cop noted, the model tweeted her anger that celebrities are judged, and not the paparazzi “pigs” who take the photos. And as Gossip Cop also previously reported, Bieber’s legal team has sent cease and desist letters to outlets that posted the photos, demanding they be taken down or risk facing a lawsuit.

Check out a screengrab of Jeremy’s tweet below. What do you think of Bieber’s dad writing that on Twitter?

Jeremy Bieber Justin Penis Tweet



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