Justin Bieber Admits Covering Selena Gomez Tattoo – WATCH VIDEO

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Justin Bieber tattoo selena gomez

By Michael Lewittes |

Justin Bieber tattoo selena gomez

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Justin Bieber admits he tried to cover up his tattoo of Selena Gomez on his left arm. He reveals, “I kinda tried to cover her face up with some shading, but people still know.” Bieber discussed that personal tattoo and several of his others in a new video below.

A shirtless Bieber sat down with GQ before his March cover shoot with the magazine and explained a number of his tattoos, but the most interesting seems to be the one of Gomez’s face that he acknowledges he “tried to cover” up. As Gossip Cop previously reported, in the magazine’s accompanying article, Bieber says his breakup with Gomez was “bad,” and that he drew “a lot” from their relationship and split for his album Purpose. He notes they “don’t talk often” but are “cordial” when they do.

In the latest video, Bieber says the first tattoo he got was a tiny seagull on his lower belly, which he wanted to make sure was not readily visible. He recalls, “It’s based on a book that my whole family read… about a seagull who wanted to be more than just a seagull.” Next, he got a tattoo of Jesus’ face on his left calf when he was still a teen.

Bieber’s favorite tattoo is a new one he had inked on his neck of a pair of wings. And while he loves it, he says having to bend his head down for nearly four hours was “mad uncomfortable.” He also points out in the video that he has a tattoo of his mother Pattie Mallette’s eye on his left arm and her birthdate on his right pec. Bieber’s also connected with his dad via ink. He and his father Jeremy have matching tats of Jesus’ name in Hebrew.

The singer also brings up other tattoos, including the stories behind some of his lettered tattoos like a G, a pair of Ls, and an X. But the ex-girfriend anecdote will probably be the one most Bieber fans will be interested in. Check out the video below of Bieber discussing his tattoos and how he tried to cover Gomez’s face.


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