Justin Bieber Refuses To Talk To Concert Staff?

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Justin Bieber Concert Staff

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber Concert Staff

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Does Justin Bieber refuse to talk to concert staff while he’s on tour? That’s the claim coming from a certain tabloid. Gossip Cop looked into the allegation.

A headline in the National Enquirer announces, “There’s No Talking To Bieber!” It’s said, “Justin Bieber must really love himself. The ‘Love Yourself’ singer recently canceled all his fan meet-and-greets, and now he’s refusing to communicate with anyone backstage outside his inner circle.”

“Justin arrives at the venues with his headphones on and eyes looking forward, having made it clear he won’t speak to anyone and nobody should talk to him,” so-called “sources” claim to the magazine. The publication even features a photo of Bieber with a word bubble saying, “Don’t talk to me you stinking wretches!” Of course, the superstar never actually said any such thing.

And while it would be understandable if Bieber chose to keep to himself before taking the stage in front of thousands of people, Gossip Cop has learned the claims here are untrue. A reputable insider close to the singer exclusively tells us the allegation Bieber rudely ignores staffers is “false.” And this is just the latest in a string of untrue stories the supermarket tabloid has run about him.

Earlier this month, the National Enquirer falsely claimed Bieber was moving to Amsterdam. Before that, it was wrongly alleged Bieber was in a secret “romance” with Rebel Wilson. All these articles are nothing but fake news.

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Justin Bieber refuses to talk to staff backstage at concerts.


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