Justin Bieber On Brink Of ‘Full-Blown Collapse’?

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Justin Bieber collapse IV

By Griffin Matis |

Justin Bieber collapse IV

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Is Justin Bieber on the brink of a “full-blown-collapse”? That’s the odd claim from one of the tabloids, which alleges the singer is in poor health. Gossip Cop found it to be nonsense.

A headline in the latest issue of Woman’s Day reads “Justin Needs Help!” The entire story is based on paparazzi photos of the pop star leaving a Los Angeles medical clinic with an IV tube in his arm. An “insider” tells the magazine, “There’s talk he’s severely dehydrated, which is why he’s trying to get back on track with this device after it was prescribed by a doctor. Justin’s reached a point where he’s in grave danger of a full-blown collapse, but at least he seems to be doing something to save himself.”

None of this is remotely accurate. Bieber was most likely receiving a vitamin IV drip, which is often touted as a hangover cure, energy booster, and anxiety aid. It’s become a fairly common practice for celebrities as of late, especially before a big event (like, say, Bieber’s wedding to Hailey Baldwin that’s reportedly taking place later this month.)

There’s no way the insider would have access to Bieber’s medical information, including what was or wasn’t prescribed by his doctor. More importantly, it doesn’t make any sense for Bieber to be in “grave danger” while he’s casually and freely leaving on his own accord. Bieber entered and left the clinic on his feet, which isn’t exactly the case for people with severe dehydration.

It seems Bieber knew the story might drum up false rumors, so he posted a picture on Instagram of him leaving the clinic with the IV and bag. His wife even commented on it with a flirtatious heart-eyed emoji and a compliment calling him “fine.” Those aren’t exactly the actions you’d expect when someone’s in “grave danger” or if their health was in question.

Bieber is no stranger to these false rumors about his health. After the singer posted a note on social media detailing his past struggles with mental health, the gossip media immediately jumped on it as a target for fake stories. Gossip Cop has debunked multiple claims about Bieber’s mental health and its impact on his overall health. The tabloids even attacked Bieber’s skin with bizarre articles about Baldwin kicking Bieber out of bed due to his pimples. Despite this latest assault on the singer’s well-being, Gossip Cop can confirm he’s not on the verge of a collapse.


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