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Cindy Crawford warned her model daughter Kaia Gerber to "stay away" from Justin Bieber is the premise of a new phony tabloid report. But Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this made-up claim. We're told it's 100 percent "false."

The unfounded and unsubstantiated story comes from the tabloid NW, which has a track record for publishing provably untrue articles about Crawford supposedly warning her daughter about other stars. The latest report seems to have been cooked up after both Gerber and Bieber were photographed at a friend's birthday party at the Beverly Hills restaurant Cafe Gratitude on April 18. According to the tabloid, Crawford advised Gerber to "stay away from Justin."

A so-called "insider" is quoted in the magazine as saying, "Cindy has told Kaia she needs to think twice about who she surrounds herself with." The unnamed "source" further maintains the legendary supermodel said, "She especially doesn't want her hanging with Bieber and his fast young crowd. She's heard plenty of stories about them."

It appears, however, that the tabloid simply bought photos of Bieber and Gerber at the birthday party and magically came up with an untraceable "insider" to back its seemingly manufactured narrative. And while the magazine hid behind an identifiable "source," Gossip Cop was in touch with Crawford's own rep, who went on the record to assure us the outlet's article is "false" and that the supermodel did not warn her daughter about Bieber.

Additionally, neither Gerber nor Bieber are seen behaving badly in photos or footage from the birthday party. In a Daily Mail article about the bash (linked above), nothing is mentioned about them that would give Crawford concern. Actually, the only distant interaction they had, reports the newspaper is that, as Gerber posed for photos, Bieber was seen "cheering her on from the crowd."

If this story sound vaguely familiar, there's a good reason. Just two months ago, the same tabloid ran a piece about Crawford warning Gerber about hanging out with Kristen Stewart. In that article, which featured a photo of Gerber with Stewart and her girlfriend Stella Maxwell, the magazine maintained that Crawford was concerned about her daughter getting "sucked into the Hollywood party scene" by the actress and Maxwell. Another supposed source said then that Crawford "worries they're not the right kind of friends Kaia needs right now."

It bears noting that prior to Gerber being photographed with Bieber (and Stewart for that matter), the magazine's "insider" never once furnished the outlet with any stories about Crawford being concerned about her daughter hanging out with those celebrities. Each of those articles were written only after pictures emerged of Gerber with them. Tellingly, as noted above, none of the alleged insiders are mentioned by name, and that's because they almost assuredly do not exist and appear to have been manufactured after the fact by the tabloid to bolster its concocted narratives.

It reality, the 16-year-old Gerber grew up in L.A. with celebrities and having a famous mom. And now as a successful model in her own right, she comes into contact with them all the time. She's used to the lifestyle and Crawford isn't worried about her. And Bieber has been, for the most part, living a much more low-key lifestyle. These days the singer is more apt to be photographed leaving church services than nightclubs. In fact, Bieber was pictured at church after that party. Regardless, Crawford's spokesperson confirms there's no truth to the tabloid's tale.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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