Justin Bieber Christmas Party With Strippers Claim NOT True

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Justin Bieber Christmas Strippers

By Shari Weiss |

 Justin Bieber Christmas Strippers

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Justin Bieber did NOT have a Christmas party with strippers, despite a ridiculous report. Gossip Cop can bust the seemingly fabricated story.

“Justin Bieber Believes In Strippers For Christmas,” reads a headline on the National Enquirer website, where it’s said, “A total Belieber when it comes to yukkin’ it up at Yuletide — Justin Bieber kicked off Christmas early with a merrily sex-drenched bash at his Toluca Lake pad that turned Santa’s cheeks redder than Rudolph’s nose!” According to a supposed source for the supermarket tabloid, “Justin invited many of Hollywood’s most beautiful girls, requesting they ‘dress up’ for the bash — meaning they barely wore anything, prancing around like Santa’s little helpers in skimpy, holiday-themed bras and lingerie!”

The alleged tipster goes on to claim in totally unnatural language, “Then Badboy stuffed their stockings with jaw-dropping sex toys — and erected a big ‘Sexy Santa Quiz’ wheel featuring kinky questions to answer for naughty prizes. And Belieb me — when our pop tart donned a Santa hat, the girls went wild, climbing over each other to sit on Santa’s lap as he gifted MORE sex toys, lingerie and sensual oils, purring, ‘Have YOU been a naughty grrrl?’”

It should go without saying but Gossip Cop must point this out anyway: No one actually talks like this. No real person would say “badboy,” “pop tart,” and “belieb me” in conversation. And this is not the first time the National Enquirer has seemingly invented a source for one of its outlandish tales.

But creative fiction writing is not the same as journalism, and the disreputable magazine is trying to pass off a fake news story as a legitimate article. Gossip Cop, however, is told that this sex-fueled stripped party never happened. Don’t forget, Bieber never bottled his sweat, either.

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Justin Bieber had a Christmas sex party with strippers.

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